Priority Pass Singapore Lounge Terminal 4

The Priority Pass Singapore Airport Lounge in Terminal 4 – the Blossom Lounge – is a high quality airport VIP club with lots of seating, eating and drinking options.

The Singapore Terminal 4 lounge is one of the nicest Priority Pass lounges we have been in!

What is Priority Pass

Priority Pass provides airport lounge access to over 1200 lounges in 143 countries. It’s the largest independent airport lounge access program in the world.

You can purchase membership directly from Priority Pass (using this link will give you up to 25% off the price of membership!).

And you can get instant lounge access at many airport lounges – even if you are at an airport right now you can join Priority Pass online and enter a lounge right away!

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Singapore Terminal 4

Our AirAsia Premium Flex flight from Singapore to Penang departed from Singapore Terminal 4.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 officially re-opened on 31 October 2017.

So it still has new terminal smell!

It handles over 16 million passengers annually and is located at the southern end part of Singapore Changi Airport.

Air Asia Premium Flex Singapore to Penang
Singapore Airport Terminal 4

Regional and low-cost airlines historically operated out Changi Terminal 4 – it was referred to as the ‘Budget Terminal’ before it was demolished in 2012 and rebuilt to its current glory.

Today it is a lovely terminal that, as of the time of this writing, serves a mix of discount and traditional airlines such as AirAsia, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific, Hianan, Korean, VietJet and Vietnam Airlines use Terminal 4.

Location of Priority Pass Singapore Lounge Terminal 4

The Blossom Lounge is located in the Heritage Zone on the Mezzanine Floor.

It’s a 5 or so minute walk from security but there are plenty of signs to guide the way.

Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4
Just Follow the Signs to the Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4

Entrance To Priority Pass Singapore Lounge Terminal 4

At the top of the escalator on the mezzanine level the entrance to the airport VIP club is obvious.

Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4
Entrance to Priority Pass Lounge Terminal 4

Priority Pass airport club membership seems to be one of the few ways to access this airport lounge.

The number of business class partners at this lounge are limited by the number or airlines in Terminal 4 that actually have a business class!

The only airline business class partner at the Blossom Lounge is Hainan Airlines.

Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4
Blossom Lounge Partners

The Blossom Airport Lounge at Singapore Terminal 4 is a large lounge that is open to the terminal from the mezzanine level.

And since Cathay Pacific has its own lounge in Singapore Terminal 4 on the other side of the mezzanine, this Priority Pass lounge seemed to be quiet and relatively empty.

Seating at Priority Pass Singapore Lounge Terminal 4

There are a lot of seats and seating options at the Priority Pass lounge Singapore Terminal 4.

So. Much. Seating!

Food at Priority Pass Singapore Lounge Terminal 4

There is a LOT of food at the Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4. It is quite easy to have a meal at this lounge, even a travel keto friendly meal!

Hot Food

Hot food in the lounge is offered buffet-style or chef-prepared.


The hot buffet options didn’t really meet our keto eating needs, but it was plentiful and smelled good!

Chef Prepared

In our opinion this is where the Priority Pass lounge at Singapore Terminal 4 really shines: soups made to order!

We ordered Singapore Laksa without noodles. It came out hot, delicious and perfectly keto-friendly!

Salad Bar, Sandwiches and desserts

There is also a well-stocked salad bar buffet. There are also some refrigerated sandwiches and desserts.

Our Keto friendly lunch at the priority pass lounge singapore terminal 4

Here is the travel keto friendly lunch we enjoyed at the lounge.

Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4
Keto Friendly Lunch

Beverages at Priority Pass Singapore Lounge Terminal 4

This airport lounge is fully stocked with beverages as well.

Alcoholic Beverages

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Personally I was excited to have access to Coke No Sugar fountain soda!

Facilities at Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4

This lounge also has shower facilities and a pair of nap rooms.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see either because they were in use by other guests.

But their presence puts this lounge heads and tails above many other airport lounge facilities (I’m looking at you, Sydney!).

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Bottom Line – Priority Pass Lounge Singapore Terminal 4

The Priority Pass accessible Blossom Airport Lounge is a fantastic lounge in Singapore Terminal 4.

Great space, great food options, lots of drink options and a wonderful experience before flying.

We loved it.

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