Which Priority Pass Lounge Budapest Airport Terminal 2 is Best?

There are 4 Priority Pass lounges at Budapest Airport Terminal 2: two Platinum Lounges, the Menzies Aviation Lounge and the SkyCourt Lounge.

All of these lounges can be accessed with Priority Pass membership.

But which is best?

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We were looking for a decent keto diet friendly lunch so decided to keep visiting Priority Pass airport VIP clubs until we found one!

What is Priority Pass

Priority Pass provides airport lounge access to over 1200 lounges in 143 countries. It’s the largest independent airport lounge access program in the world.

You can purchase membership directly from Priority Pass (using this link will give you up to 25% off the price of membership!).

And you can get instant lounge access at many airport lounges – even if you are at an airport right now you can join Priority Pass online and enter a lounge right away!

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Which Priority Pass Budapest Terminal 2 Airport Lounge to Choose?

We arrived at the airport for our 1:30 pm flight at 11 am and were hungry!

So we figured this would be a good opportunity to see which Priority Pass Budapest T2 Airport VIP club could meet our travel keto way of eating requirements.

Spoiler: The best Budapest Terminal 2 Priority Pass Lounge is the SkyCourt Lounge for food, space and pretty much everything!

Priority Pass Budapest Terminal 2 Lounge Locations

The Menzies Aviation Lounge and SkyCourt Lounge are located upstairs from the main terminal level adjacent to the food court. To reach them go up the escalator after exiting the duty free shop past security.

There are two Platinum Lounges. One for Schengen flights located across from gate A12 and one for non Schengen flights located above gate B7.

We visited the Schengen Priority Pass lounge by gate A12. To reach it, turn right out of the duty free shop after security and follow the signs.

Priority Pass Budapest Airport Lounge 1: Platinum Lounge

Our first stop was the Platinum Lounge at Budapest Terminal 2. In addition to being a Priority Pass Lounge, it was also included with our Lufthansa Business Class ticket.

This lounge has several other airline partners including Austrian, SWISS, Brussels Airlines, Alitalia, Finnair, airBaltic, Aegean and Iberia.

Seating Areas in Platinum Airport Lounge Budapest T2

There is plenty of seating in the Platinum Lounge Budapest despite a fair number of travelers being in the space.

Food in Platinum Airport Budapest Schengen Lounge

The food and snack selections at the Budapest Platinum Airport Lounge across from gate A12 is limited and not keto diet friendly. Even the hot meatballs are breaded!

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Beverages and Bar in Platinum Lounge Budapest

Soft Drinks Budapest Platinum Lounge

A variety of self-serve juices and soft drinks were on offer. And I’m always happy to see fountain soda in lounges!

Alcohol Budapest Platinum Lounge

The alcohol in the Budapest Platinum Lounge is also self-serve.

The alcohol selections are also varied and plentiful.

Bottom Line – Platinum Lounge Budapest Terminal 2

The Budapest T2 Platinum Lounge would have been a great option if we weren’t looking for some keto friendly food.

Lots of drinks and alcohol options and plenty of comfortable seats.

But we were hungry for some low carb, low sugar food. So we moved on.

Priority Pass Budapest T2 Lounge 2: Menzies Aviation Lounge

The second Budapest Priority Pass Lounge we visited was the Menzies Aviation lounge located adjacent to the food court straight ahead at the top of the escalator.

In addition to being a Priority Pass lounge, the Menzies Aviation Lounge serves as the business class lounge for airlines including Czech Airlines, Belavia and Air Algerie.

The Menzies priority pass lounge was the smallest and least stocked lounge in Budapest Terminal 2. But it does have a terrific view of the tarmac.

Menzies Aviation Lounge View

Seating Area in the Menzies Airport Lounge Budapest

This lounge is pretty small. But it was also pretty empty when we visited. So there were plenty of seating options.

And every seat has a table associated with it.

Food and Snacks in the Menzies Budapest Lounge

We were pretty disappointed with the food at the Menzies Aviation Lounge in Budapest Terminal 2.

There was nothing substantial and none of the snacks that were available were travel keto-friendly.

Beverages and Bar in the Menzies Aviation Lounge Budapest

The Menzies Aviation Priority Pass Lounge Budapest also had a variety of self-serve juices and soft drinks.

Wine, beer and gin were also on offer.

Bottom Line – Menzies Aviation Lounge

The Menzies Aviation Lounge in Budapest Terminal 2 is the smallest and least provisioned of the lounges we visited. But it has a great view.

So if all you want is a quiet space and a drink then it’s perfect.

Priority Pass Budapest T2 Lounge 3: SkyCourt Lounge

The third Budapest Priority Pass Lounge we visited was the SkyCourt Lounge located adjacent to the food court to the right at the top of the escalator. It is not far from the Menzies Lounge.

In addition to being a Priority Pass lounge, the SkyCourt Lounge serves as the business class lounge for airlines including Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, Delta, Tarom, LOT, EgyptAir, Air China, China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines, Finnair and Emirates.

Seating Area in the SkyCourt Airport Lounge Budapest

Although it has far more airline partners, the SkyCourt Lounge also has a lot more space. There are several seating areas including a large area with comfy chairs.

There were more people in this loung than the others, but seats were still available…it was crowded but it wasn’t OVER-crowded.

Food in the SkyCourt Budapest Priority Pass Lounge

Where the SkyCourt Lounge really shines is food offerings. There is a LOT of food in this lounge compared to the other two Budapest Priority Pass lounges.

We were easily able to make a keto diet friendly lunch from the cold cuts, cheese and salad.

SkyCourt Priority Pass Lounge Budapest Terminal 2 Keto Lunch

Beverages and Bar in the SkyCourt Airport Lounge Budapest

The Priority Pass SkyCourt Airport Lounge in Budapest also blew the lounge competition away in terms of drinks.

For soft drinks there is a soda fountain with a wide selection of beverages.

In terms of alcohol there is a funky beer and wine tap machine! It dispenses soda, water, beer, frizzante, white wine, rose wine and two types of red wine. Very cool!

There is also plenty of liquor as well as a coffee machine available.

Bottom Line – Priority Pass Budapest Lounges

The SkyCourt Lounge is the largest and best provisioned Budapest Priority Pass lounge.

We were hungry for keto-friendly food so we spent most of our time at the SkyCourt Lounge in Budapest.

But the Platinum Lounge and the Menzies lounges are perfectly acceptable places for some quiet and a drink before a flight.

In any case, it’s really nice to have choices!

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