Priority Pass Lounge Seville Reception

Priority Pass Lounge Seville Spain (SVQ)

The Priority Pass Lounge Seville (aka Sevilla) Spain is the Sala VIP Azahar.

It’s a perfectly functional lounge with many drink options and limited but varied food options.

What is Priority Pass

Priority Pass provides airport lounge access to over 1200 lounges in 143 countries. It’s the largest independent airport lounge access program in the world.

You can purchase membership directly from Priority Pass (using this link will give you up to 25% off the price of membership!).

And you can get instant lounge access at many airport lounges – even if you are at an airport right now you can join Priority Pass online and enter a lounge right away!

Check out our write up of Priority Pass Membership and why we think it’s one of the best affordable luxury travel hacks out there!

Priority Pass Lounge Seville Location

To reach the Priority Pass Lounge in Seville Spain turn left and left again after you pass security. There are no signs for it until you arrive, but it’s just across from Gate 3.

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Access to the Sala VIP Azahar Seville Spain

In addition to being a Priority Pass Lounge, the Sala VIP Azahar Seville also welcomes all passengers for the price of €33.90 (taxes included) per person.

Priority Pass Lounge Seville Reception
Priority Pass Sevilla Reception

However, for passengers travelling on premium fares for the following airlines admission is free or a discount will apply:

– Air Europa
– Air Nostrum
– British Airways
– Brussels Airlines

Priority Pass Lounge Seville

Our RyanAir Flexi Plus flight from Seville to Malta left at 3:40 PM, so we arrived a little before 2 PM looking for a travel keto diet friendly snack and wifi to get some work done.

Seating Areas

There is plenty of seating in the Seville Lounge in three different seating areas.

The lounge was crowded when we first arrived.

But most of the guests were business class passengers on the British Airways flight to London Gatwick. 90% of the airport lounge guests left when that flight was called.

Priority Pass Lounge Seville Departures
The Priority Pass Lounge Emptied When the BA Flight Boarded


The food and snack selections at the lounge are limited and carb-heavy. So not terribly travel keto diet friendly. But there is plenty to snack on if you don’t mind eating carbs and sugar!

Selections include sandwiches, yogurts, salads, fruit, olives, and popcorn. There is also a tray with bread and biscuits.

But when you eat a travel keto diet like we do you learn to get creative.

So I took a bacon and cheese sandwich apart and put the bacon and cheese onto one of the meager salads on offer. Pouring olive oil on it I created a perfect travel keto diet snack!

Priority Pass Lounge Seville Food Hack

Beverages and Bar in Sala VIP Azahar

Soft Drinks

A variety of self-serve coffee and tea, juices and can soft drinks are on offer.

Alcohol Sala VIP Azahar

Alcohol in the Sala VIP Azahar Seville Airport lounge is also self-serve.

And the alcohol selections are also varied and plentiful.

There are beer, wine and hard alcohol options.


Toilet facilities are single use male and female in the lounge. When the lounge was crowded there was a small queue for the ladies which doubles as the handicap loo.

Priority Pass Lounge Seville Toilet

Bottom Line – Seville Priority Pass Lounge

The Priority Pass Lounge Seville Spain is a great alternative to the terminal. And we were able to hack a keto friendly snack from the food offerings.

The lounge offers a variety of drinks and alcohol options as well as plenty of comfortable seating to stretch out in…especially after the BA flight boards.

The internet is also fast at the lounge. So we spent a little over an hour there eating, relaxing and working.

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