how to find keto diet travel snacks

Keto Travel Snacks

Keto travel snacks are a critical part of staying on a travel keto diet.

You can always pack sliced avocado, vegetables, boiled eggs, travel packages of tuna or cooked meat as keto travel snacks. But those snacks can smell strongly and won’t last forever if you forget about them in your luggage for a week!

You can also get crossways with customs officials if you bring some of those food products across international borders.

So we find that packaged keto travel snacks are the best! Dry packaged snacks are better for travel because wet snacks have to go in your TSA quart sized bag or checked bags. But we carry both.

As you will see, the trick to packaged keto travel snacks is finding ones that don’t have added sugar. But don’t worry: we have some specific suggestions!

We keep as many of these keto travel snacks in the best long-term travel bag in the world as possible.

Our Favorite Keto Travel Snacks – Dry

Dry packaged snacks are best because you can have as much as you want in your carry on bags.

Keto Snack Chips - Spicy Nacho
Keto Snack Chips
Keto Travel Snacks – Pistachios

Our Favorite Keto Travel Snacks – Wet

Wet snacks have to go in your carry on liquid container when you fly…or go in a checked bag. But they can be worth the effort.

Bottom Line – Keto Travel Snacks

Sticking to a travel keto diet can be a challenge.

But if you hit the road armed with some keto diet friendly snacks your life will be much easier and you can avoid being stuck on a long flight or drive without anything you can eat.

And these snacks are also perfect if you are looking for party keto snacks or late night munchies keto snacks.

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how to find keto diet travel snacks

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