eSim Cards For Travel Just Got Even Better!

We love using eSIM card packages for travel. But using eSim cards for travel just got even better!

Now they compete with services like Google Fi for truly global cellular data coverage – for far less cost!

Why We Love eSIM Data Packages for Travel

One of the biggest issues we face in our life of full time travel is cell phone data. But then we discovered eSIM packages.

We go into detail about why we think eSIM packages are better than using your home data plan or buying local SIM cards in this article: eSIM The Best SIM Card Option for Travel.

The bottom line is that eSIMs are a far more convenient way to get local cellular data packages than buying a local SIM card.

You simply download an eSIM package to the eSIM in your phone. Then you take a few simple steps to configure it (be sure to follow the instructions CAREFULLY!) and you have a local data package with great upload and downloads speeds.

You can see the list of phones, tablets, and computers with eSIMs built in by clicking here.

Critically, the dual SIM standby technology in compatible handset models lets you remain connected with your physical SIM and your eSIM simultaneously. You can select which of the two SIMs you use for data connectivity. So your phone calls and SMS texts to your home phone number will still come in while you are using an eSIM for data!

eSIM packages cost a little bit more than buying local SIM cards. But not much more. And that small price difference is well worth avoiding the hassle of having to find a local SIM card at a store or kiosk, swapping out SIM cards, and possibly losing your home SIM card!

You can buy eSIM cards at-will. And they generally work for a set amount of time. Unlike with local touristic SIMS where you never know when your data will run out, we can track our data remaining in the Airalo eSIM app or website.

Airalo Top Up

How eSim Cards For Travel Just Got Even Better

 Airalo is the world’s first eSIM store for travelers.

Airalo offers eSIMs in over 190 countries and regions.

So if you are doing slow travel in one country, a single country eSIM is great. If you are doing fast travel you can download a regional eSIM that works in several countries.

But Airalo eSIM data packages just got WAY better!

That’s because Airalo has launched an amazing eSIM plan that is ready to travel the entire world with you. It’s called Discover Global.

eSIM cards for travel
Airalo Discover Global eSIM – One Package that Works in 94 Countries

It covers 94 countries – the largest number that they’ve ever offered.

For now you can only see the smallest data package on their website:

Airalo Global eSIM
Airalo Discover Global eSIM package

But on the Airalo app you will find a selection of bigger data packs valid for up to 180 days to fit the needs of anyone from a jet-setting vacationer to a full time digital nomad!

And these data-only global eSIMs packages are rechargeable online at the Airalo website or on the Airalo app.

Airalo eSIMS are on Sale in June!

Click or Tap Here for the New Customers Promotion
Use the code JUNE15 to offer New Customers an additional 15% discount on all Airalo eSIMs.
Terms & Conditions

Click or Tap Here for the Existing Customers Promotion
Use the code JUNE10 to offer Existing Customers an additional 10% discount on all Airalo eSIMs
Terms & Conditions

Validity Period: Until 30th June, 2023

How Does the Global eSIM Package Compare to Other Options

We have discussed the downsides of using your home data plan for travel.

But let’s take a quick look at how the Airalo Global eSIM packages compare to another popular alternative for global data coverage: Google Fi.

Google Fi offers 2 approaches to international data: flexible for $20/month plus $10/GB. Or ‘unlimited’ for $70 per month. I put ‘unlimited’ in quote marks because you actually get much slower speeds after 22 GB per month.

The Google Fi advantage is that you also get voice and text with these plans. The downside is that the Google Fi SIM card has to be in your phone. And the plans are more expensive than eSIM packages.

With the Airalo 30 day eSIM data package you get 5GB of data for $35. That’s $15 less than the $50 you’d pay for 5GB of data on Google Fi Flexible. And half the cost of Google Fi ‘Unlimited.’

You don’t get voice or texts with the Global eSIM packages. But you get to leave your home SIM card in your phone for voice and texts!

Of course, if you are going to use Google Fi to completely replace your home data plan then it’s worth exploring that option.

But if you are going to stick with your home cellular data plan and just want local data for travel – even extensive travel! – then the Airalo Global eSIM packages are the way to go!

Bottom Line – eSim Cards For Travel Just Got Even Better

eSIM card packages for travel are the ultimate travel hack!

You get to keep your home SIM card in your phone and only pay local rates for local data while traveling.

And now with Discover Global eSIM packages you won’t be limited to a single country or even region. You can get data all over the world on one eSIM package.

Check out your eSIM package options and decide for yourself if they make sense for your next trip!

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  2. I’m pretty happy with Google Fi in my Pixel phone now, and previously in my Dual SIM Samsung S9. That allows me the option of putting in a local SIM. Sometimes I’ve found that accessing certain services in a country requires a local phone number. Local SIMs are the answer in that situation. If staying more than a month it is almost always cheaper to buy a local SIM. Also, strange as it may seem local SIMS will often even work after you run out of data for WhatsApp, Facebook etc. as those are packaged as no-data charge options in the SIM package (YMMV).
    Of course like you mentioned Google Fi is my “home” country choice also.

  3. Worth mentioning that with local SIMs, depending on the country, you might have to give up your identity documents, often to some random shop that has no real security measures to take care of your data.

    Colombia and Brazil for example require providing identification, and in Brazil it’s even worse – you need the local equivalent of a Social Security Number. There are generators of fake numbers, but you may find that your fake SSN gets invalidated in a few days, and your SIM no longer works.

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