Welcome to Ready Jet Roam!

Hi there!

We are Matt and Lisa.

We were corporate executives who had a passion for luxury travel.

Today we are living our dream as full time affordable luxury travelers!

And we are not the only ones! Along the way we’ve met so many people who are doing the same thing we are: traveling full time and loving it.

affordable luxury travel

And you can do it too!

You really can turn a mid-career break, mid-career digital nomadism (that’s us!) or retirement into a life of extended or full-time affordable luxury travel. 

All it takes is a dream, desire and a little knowledge!

So we created Ready Jet Roam to provide travel lovers with advice on how to live an affordable luxury travel lifestyle without the luxury price tag.

We’re excited to share our affordable luxury travel adventures with you and show you how rewarding and achievable it is to live your best life.  

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