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Why Gen X and Millennials Need to Learn About Online Side Hustles

Anyone can make money online. That’s a fact.

But many Gen Xers and older Millennials believe that you need to have tons of followers on TikTok or a blog with hundreds of thousands of readers to make money online. That’s false.

That’s why it’s essential for Gen Xers and Millennials, two generations who have witnessed the rise of the digital age, to understand and harness its potential to make money.

Here’s why – and HOW – we, in particular, should be proactive in learning how to make money online.

Paying for your Children’s Education

As the cost of education continues to soar, many Gen Xers and older Millennials are grappling with how they’ll fund their children’s college education.

The traditional avenue of saving for college is no longer sufficient given the rapid rate of tuition inflation. And no one wants their kid to graduate college with a crippling amount of debt.

But by leveraging online income streams, these generations have a proactive way to supplement their savings, ensuring that they can comfortably pay for their children’s higher education.

Furthermore, making money online can also serve as an educational tool. Parents can involve their children in these endeavors, teaching them invaluable skills about entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and financial management, thus preparing them for both college and the world beyond.

Finally Afford a House

Homeownership, long considered a cornerstone of the ‘American Dream,’ has become increasingly elusive for many in the Gen X and Millennials.

Rising real estate prices, stagnant wages, and the lingering effects of economic downturns have made the prospect of owning a home challenging.

However, the digital economy offers a path to homeownership. By cultivating online income streams, you can supplement your primary earnings, making it more feasible to save for a down payment or manage monthly mortgage costs.

Furthermore, online businesses can be operated from anywhere, allowing potential homeowners to consider regions with more affordable housing without being tethered to job hubs in expensive metropolitan areas.

This flexibility and additional revenue can expedite the journey to homeownership, turning what might seem like a distant dream into a tangible reality.

Ensuring Retirement Security

Besides paying for college, retirement security is the second biggest concern Gen Xers and Millennials face. The average Millennial only has $50,000 in their 401(k) and the average Gen Xer has about $150,000.

That’s not nearly enough for a comfortable retirement.

Retirement may seem distant, but the earlier one starts planning for it, the better.

For Gen X, who might be closer to retirement, and Millennials, who have witnessed the challenges faced by their predecessors, creating online revenue streams can serve as a supplemental retirement fund.

Unlike traditional jobs, many online income opportunities can continue well into what might typically be considered “retirement age.” This not only provides added financial security but also keeps individuals engaged, active, and mentally stimulated, leading to a richer and more fulfilling retirement.

Economic Uncertainty

Many Gen Xers graduated into a recession. Many Millennials graduated into a Great Recession.

The past few decades have seen significant economic shifts.

From the financial crisis of 2008 to the more recent global challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, economic stability is not guaranteed.

For Gen X and Millennials, having an online income stream provides an added layer of financial security and diversification.

More Time for Family

Many members of Gen X and the older Millennials have spent years in the traditional job market, often feeling trapped in the proverbial ‘rat race.’ Making money online can offer an escape from this, allowing for more flexible work hours and often a better work-life balance.

Imagine not missing your child’s mid-week recital. Being there for your kids when they need you.

You probably never thought about this, but around 90% of the time that you will have spent with your kids is done from the ages of 0 to 18.

Before you know it, those people we call kids – who we raise and love during the good and bad times – will be gone.

The point of this fact is not to be depressed by it; it’s to understand it so that we can spend more QUALITY time with our kids! And that’s why Gen Xers and Millennials should be seeking to make money online.

You are Better Prepared than you Think to Make Money Online

Both Gen X and Millennials have an advantage when it comes to technological literacy.

Having grown up during the advent of home computing and the Internet, we have an intuitive understanding of digital platforms. This knowledge positions us well to explore online money-making opportunities.

So maybe you’re not on TikTok or Snapchat. But you ARE on Facebook. Or Pinterest. Or at least you know what a website and email are. And that’s really all you need to be able to make money online!

Don’t Just Travel – Travel NOW

Travel is not just about discovering new places, but also about experiencing life fully while in the prime of health and vitality.

Gen X and Millennials, in particular, stand at a unique intersection of having the vigor of youth and the wisdom garnered from years lived.

Making money online affords us the flexibility to work from anywhere, be it a cafe in Paris, a beach in Bali, or a cabin in the Canadian Rockies.

By capitalizing on online revenue streams now, you can seize the moment and indulge your wanderlust while still physically fit and enthusiastic, rather than postponing travel dreams for a retirement that might come with health constraints.

Creating Passive Income

One of the most appealing aspects of making money online is the potential for passive income. Digital products, affiliate marketing, and ad revenues from content platforms like YouTube or blogs can generate income long after the initial work has been done.

So you can earn money while you sleep. Or while you are sitting on the beach on vacation.

How Gen Xers and Millennials can Learn How to Make Money Online

There are tons of reasons for people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s to make money online.

But how? And how do you know that you have what it takes to do it?

We started making money online in 2016. We had no idea what we were doing – but we had a lot of tenacity and the ability to Google. It was hard. We made a lot of mistakes. We threw away money doing things wrong.

Then we found a $7 make money online business challenge that changed everything.

We paid $7 to learn how to market valuable high ticket products and services that people already want and that actually help people.

In short, we learned how to be freelance affiliate marketers. How to work for ourselves online and make money by putting other sellers’ products in front of buyers who already want that item or service!

The course provides everything you need. You don’t need any technical or even marketing skills.

As Gen Xers, we didn’t have a lot of social media followers. We didn’t even have a TikTok account!

But the best thing about the challenge is that in 15 days it helps you figure out whether affiliate marketing is right for you.

You can check out the course and take the $7 15-day business challenge by tapping or clicking here.

We took the challenge and started making serious money online.

You can too!

Lisa wrote an e-book explaining exactly how we did it and you can get it for free by visiting

Bottom Line – Why Gen X and Millennials Need to Learn How to Make Money Online

Anyone can make money on line.

Even you.

All you need is the desire, the know-how, and a little tenacity.

Gen X and Millennials, with our unique blend of life experience, technological adaptability, and resilience, are well-placed to harness the power of the Internet for financial growth and personal fulfillment.

Making money online will provide not just financial freedom, but, more importantly, time freedom!

All you need to do is get started!

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