How to Make Money While Traveling…or From Home!

How to make money while traveling or from home? That’s the question every would-be digital nomad or full time traveler wants answered.

We can help!

How to make money while traveling
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But in this day and age one income is never enough. The goal is multiple income streams, aka side hustles!

And whether you want to make money while traveling or want to start a side hustle that you can work from home, these suggestions will fit the bill!

The ReadyJetRoam Guide on How to Make Money While Traveling…or From Home!

This Guide was designed to explain how you can make money while traveling full time and/or start a side hustle while working from home.


For an even deeper dive into finding employment as a digital nomad check out the course offered by our friends at Beach Commute.

How to Make Money While Traveling or Work From Home Recommendation 1: eCommerce

Freelance Affiliate Marketing

Our very best advice for making money while traveling or as a side hustle from home is freelance affiliate marketing.

We have been making money doing affiliate marketing since 2016, and it’s a reliable way to make money. It’s not passive – but it’s also not hard.

Lisa now works for a company called Legendary Marketing where she helps people learn how to do affiliate marketing.

We’ve written extensively about their $7 15-day challenge where you can spend under $10 to decide if freelance affiliate marketing is for you in this article: Make Money Online with Legendary Marketer.

The Amazon FBA Business eCommerce Model

An Amazon Fulfillment Center

Another of our type of ecommerce businesses is called Fulfilled by Amazon Private Label – ‘FBA PL’ or just ‘FBA’ for short.

Running an Amazon FBA business means we design products, have them manufactured in bulk and send them to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Then we create listings on Amazon. When customers purchase our products on Amazon they are fulfilled as Amazon Prime products.

It may not seem like it to the average Amazon customer but over half of all products sold by Amazon actually come from third-party sellers like us who list and sell our products on Amazon.

Here are our Amazon FBA PL products on

FBA PL is a capital and time-intensive business.

Meanwhile, Amazon is a fickle business partner.

Break their rules or don’t get your products and listings right and they will simply drop you or your products. And Amazon may measure your products in a way that significantly favors Amazon by increasing your storage and handling fees.

Here is an article Lisa wrote with a step-by-step guide to building a successful Amazon Private Label FBA business.

FBA PL sounds hard, right?

It is.

But the bigger the risk the bigger the reward!

By making smart investments and working hard you can turn a great profit with FBA PL.

We are living proof of that. Our FBA PL business provides enough income for us to live a full time affordable luxury travel lifestyle.

And today there are some amazing tools that can help you make data-driven decisions around product selection and management.

Jungle Scout is the most helpful and powerful Amazon product data analysis tool available. It does the hard work of figuring out what products are selling well on Amazon and which ones will make you a tidy profit.

If you are interested in pursuing FBA PL then Jungle Scout’s YouTube channel is a great place to start. They do a terrific job producing free videos showing how even a beginner can get into the FBA PL business.

Dropshipping eCommerce

If you want to get into eCommerce (selling products online) but don’t have the capital to invest in an FBA PL business then dropshipping may be for you!

We know many digital nomads who earn an income running a dropshipping eCommerce business.

The Dropshipping Business Model

Dropshipping is an online retail fulfillment method where you don’t purchase inventory upfront.

Instead, every time you sell a product you then purchase that product from a third party and have it shipped directly to the customer.

So all you have to do is sell other companies’ products! You never see or handle the product.

Since you don’t need to stock or handle the items you are selling, it’s possible to start a drop shipping business with limited investment.

Of course, your business will be 100% dependent on your dropshipping supplier(s).

And the vast majority of drop shipping suppliers are overseas. So communication can be difficult.

AliExpress is the largest online resource to identify and communicate with potential manufacturers and suppliers.

Before trying dropshipping talk to and learn from other entrepreneurs who have been successful at it. There are plenty of information sources available. And be sure to join a few dropshipping Facebook groups.

If you are really interested in getting into dropshipping then swing by James Beattie’s YouTube channel.

He offers lots of free videos explaining the business model that are appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced dropshipping.

Online Arbitrage Selling

A third form of e-commerce is online arbitrage.

Online arbitrage is related to dropshipping but involves working selling items purchased through other retailers rather than suppliers.

The Online Arbitrage Business Model

In the online arbitrage business model you buy products from websites and then sell those same products through either the same or a different online marketplace for a profit.

The notion is simple: buy low and sell high.

Online Arbitrage makes you money when you buy items at a significantly lower price compared to what you will sell them for.

Basically your aim is to profit from a price mismatch between two marketplaces.

We’ll use our Please Bring Me A Beer Saucey Socks as an example.

One day you may notice that we are selling them for $9.99 on Amazon.

So you list them on eBay for $16.99.

If anyone buys our socks from you on eBay for $16.99 you simply enter their purchase and shipping info into an order on Amazon and pay the $9.99. And you pocket the $7 profit minus fees and potentially shipping.

And this is just one example of how people use online arbitrage to make money online.

This is a real win-win scenario: we sell more socks at the price we are happy to sell them for. You sell our socks for more than we are charging and keep the difference. We all make money together!

They key is finding those price mismatches between online marketplaces.

There are lots of tutorials on YouTube that will explain how you can find these mismatches and exploit them for profit.

How to Make Money While Traveling or Work from Home Recommendation 2: Remote Work

If eCommerce like an Amazon FBA business or dropshipping doesn’t interest you then how about taking ‘regular’ work remote…or work from home?

In today’s telework world there is no need for an employee to be tied to a physical office or desk.

We have met many full time travel digital nomads who work for companies, nonprofits and even universities but do so while traveling full time!

Our friend Sammy works for a recruiting and career counseling company. Carole works for a banking concern. James works for a software company. Nathan is a professor of online classes for a university in Kentucky.

And all of them do their jobs while traveling full time as digital nomads.

Nice Office!

Being a full time remote employee (especially one who travels) does have a few drawbacks:

  • You may have to work odd local hours to align to a workday in your company’s home office.
  • You will likely still get sucked into office politics…even though you are never in the office!
  • Unlike entrepreneurs you may not be able to set your own hours or time off to enjoy wherever in the world you happen to be.

But those drawbacks are offset by the fact that you could be taking a boring conference call from a beach, lakeside or on a mountaintop. Or from home! We’ve seen fellow full time travelers do all four!

Plus keeping corporate benefits like health insurance and a pension in place are super-helpful.

Right now thousands of companies are recruiting remote workers. Strike while the iron is hot! Check out websites like FlexJobs and Indeed and filter by remote jobs!

If you are already teleworking full or part-time why not look into doing so from anywhere and everywhere in the world!?

How to Make Money While Traveling or Work From Home Recommendation 3: Teaching English Online – No Teaching Experience or Degree Necessary!

We’ve also met quite a few digital nomads who teach English online.

And many of them had never taught before!

If you want to teach English online all you really need is to be fluent in English (duh!) and have your bachelor’s degree – although it does NOT have to be in Education or English. And there are even a few online English teaching companies that don’t require a degree.

It also helps to be from the US, Canada or the UK as that makes you more marketable as an online English teacher.

We were pretty shocked when we learned about the low barrier of entry to this way of earning money.

Teach English Online

You won’t get wealthy teaching English online – the pay is generally $15 – $25 per hour. But that’s a pretty good income in cheaper affordable travel slow travel countries!

Generally speaking you will be paid to teach Chinese kids to speak conversational English. That’s why the barriers to entry are so low! These kids just need someone to teach them and to practice speaking English with.

There are tons of companies you can work with teaching English online. But the most common our digital nomad friends teach for are:

How to Make Money While Traveling or Work from Home Recommendation 4: Freelance Work

Do you love to spend hours and hours pinning on Pinterest? Doing instas on Instagram? Writing? Even reading?

Did you know that people and companies will PAY YOU to do these things!?

Become a freelancer!

The Freelance Business Model

Freelancers are self-employed people hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. The pay is generally hourly or a flat rate for a specific project.

Traditionally when people think of freelance work they think of writers, designers, programmers and other ‘professional’ jobs. And there is plenty of freelance work in those areas to be found. Our friend Lauren is a full-time freelance graphic designer. She has contracts with big brand name companies and delivers the work from anywhere in the world!

But in today’s economy just having a passion and ability for social media can translate into a freelance gig.

We’ve met digital nomads who make money doing freelance Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram as well as Snapchat work. We’ve also met freelance writers, editors, proofreaders, programmers and consultants. We even met a digital nomad freelance attorney!

If you have a particular skill or passion then spend some time looking around on Upwork and Fiverr. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for how you can translate your skills or hobbies into income as a freelancer during full time travel!

EQM Management Advisory Group

For us, we decided to parlay our experience in strategy, marketing, branding, website development, SEO and project management to create a consultancy called EQM Management Advisory Group.

We sell remote consulting services in these areas to companies. Then we deliver results ourselves or we hire other digital nomads who remotely deliver results for us.

It’s a great business model that not only lets us make money providing freelance consulting services, we get to find work for our subject matter expert nomadic friends too!

How to Make Money While Traveling or Work from Home Recommendation 5: Blogging!

We saved the best for last!

Have you ever wanted to start a blog?

Do you have something that you are passionate about and would like to share with others?

If you have a passion for writing AND design AND business then consider blogging as a way to make money remotely!

Are you thinking ‘But jeez, the blog market is all tapped out…‘?

You’re not alone. We thought so too. But the fact is that every day thousands and thousands of people are making money by blogging…and so are we!

Just be aware that blogging is a LOT more than just writing…even though there is a lot of that too!

Blogging involves mastering search engine optimization (SEO), learning several design tools such as WordPress and learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

But it can be done!

And you’ve got two choices for getting started:

  1. You can do like we did and spend months figuring it out yourself and still struggling to make a dime.
  2. Or you can do as we eventually did and check out the Blogging Fast Lane for a comprehensive all-in-one toolkit for building a successful blog.

Before we found the Blogging Fast Lane we were writing and writing but only making a few bucks a month.

But after we took the Blogging Fast Lane course we understood how people actually make decent money by blogging.

And Blogging Fast Lane provides step by step directions. From setting up WordPress to deciding on what to write about to telling you exactly how to monetize content. Blogging Fast Lane provides recipe-like instructions for creating your own revenue-generating blog!

Blogging Fast Lane helped us turn our blog from a hobby into a profitable side hustle!!!

And not only that, it taught me valuable lessons about proper blog structure, SEO, click and sales funnels. Skills that I have parlayed into freelance consulting at our consultancy EQM Management Advisory Group.

Bottom Line – How to Make Money While Traveling or Working from Home

We hope this list of 5 ways to make money while traveling or working from home has inspired you.

You CAN earn money while you travel full time or working from home.

We certainly are!

And you’d be amazed at how many people just like us are already doing it.

And by the way, since these recommendations work from anywhere including work from home, they can also supplement your current income from home before you launch a life of full time travel!

What better way to help save up for extended or long-term travel while practicing earning income while you travel!?

So what are you waiting for!? Start earning money from anywhere!

And while you are here, check out all 5 of our Tips For How You Can Become a Full Time Affordable Luxury Traveler Too!

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