Priority Pass Lounge Bali

Priority Pass Bali Lounges

There are two Priority Pass Bali lounges at Bali Airport.

And they are right next to each other: T/G Airport Lounge and Premier Airport Lounge.

We could have accessed either with our Priority Pass membership.

So we decided to try both Priority Pass airport VIP clubs.

What is Priority Pass

Priority Pass provides airport lounge access to over 1200 lounges in 143 countries. It’s the largest independent airport lounge access program in the world.

You can purchase membership directly from Priority Pass (using this link will give you up to 25% off the price of membership!).

And you can get instant lounge access at many airport lounges – even if you are at an airport right now you can join Priority Pass online and enter a lounge right away!

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Which Priority Pass Bali Airport Lounge to Choose?

We arrived at the airport for our 9:30 PM redeye flight at 7 PM and were hungry!

So we figured this would be a good opportunity to see which Priority Pass Bali Airport VIP club could meet our travel keto way of eating requirements.

Spoiler: the answer is the T/G Lounge. 🙂

Priority Pass Bali Lounge Locations

Both lounges are above the main airport floor just after you pass through the duty free store from immigration.

The second floor is accessed by a set of stairs or by a small elevator to the right of the lounges as you face them.

Priority Pass Bali Airport Lounge 1: T/G Airport Lounge Bali

We stopped at the T/G Lounge first simply because it’s the first Priority Pass Bali lounge you reach after climbing the stairs.

This lounge has several partners including Malindo Air, Virgin Australia, Air China and, of course, Priority Pass.

Of the two clubs, the T/G Lounge made a much bigger deal about being a Priority Pass lounge.

Seating Areas in T/G Airport Lounge Bali

There was plenty of seating despite a fair number of travelers being in the space.

Every seat had some sort of table associated with it, so there were no worries about balancing food on laps.

Food in T/G Airport Lounge Bali

Priority Pass Lounge Bali

The food at the T/G Lounge was plentiful and varied.

We were easily able to make a travel keto-friendly meal out of it.

In particular, the chicken satay was good and the chicken wings (bottom photo) were some of the best we’ve had anywhere.

There was also a live pasta station where a chef stood by to create pasta dishes.

Being on a travel keto diet, we didn’t partake.

But in the morning that chef station cooks eggs to order, and in the afternoon it does noodle soups to order.

Beverages and Bar in T/G Airport Lounge Bali

Priority Pass Lounge Bali

A variety of self-serve juices and soft drinks were on offer.

At the bar, the scheme for alcohol was a bit complicated.

Each customer is entitled to three free drinks…unless it is a premium drink in which case you have to pay.

The free drinks are kept track of on a slip of paper that also shows as the wifi access code.

Shower in T/G Airport Lounge Bali

Looking for the bathroom I stumbled upon a shower room in the T/G club.

It’s pretty rudimentary…but it’s there!

Priority Pass Lounge Bali
Shower at the T/G Lounge Bali

Priority Pass Bali Lounge 2: Premier Airport Lounge Bali

The second Priority Pass Bali Lounge is the Premier Lounge at Bali Airport. And it is right next to the T/G Lounge.

In addition to being a Priority Pass lounge, the Premier Lounge serves as the business class lounge for airlines including Singapore, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia, Thai, Qatar and Qantas.

Seating Area in the Premier Airport Lounge Bali

Given that this is the business class lounge for several larger airlines, it was far more crowded in the Premier Airport Lounge Balil than it was in the T/G Lounge.

But seats were still available…it was crowded but it wasn’t OVER-crowded.

Food in the Premier Airport Lounge Bali

We were pretty disappointed with the food at the Premier Lounge.

There was almost nothing substantial that was travel keto-friendly and the meager portions of vegetables didn’t look very appetizing.

Beverages and Bar in the Premier Airport Lounge Bali

The Priority Pass Bali Premier Lounge also had a wide variety of self-serve juices and soft drinks.

And the bar alcohol situation was a lot more straightforward: they pour white wine, red wine, beer and liquor with tonic or soda mixers. All free.

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Bottom Line – Priority Pass Bali Lounges

The two Priority Pass lounges at Bali airport have pros and cons.

We were hungry for keto-friendly food so spent most of our time at the T/G Lounge.

If we had wanted to have more than 3 drinks we would have used the bar at the Premier Lounge, although that lounge was a little more crowded.

Either way, it’s really nice to have choices!

In any case, it was time to fly to Sydney!

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