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We’ve Planned More Fast Travel!

After 5 weeks working hard in Chiang Mai we decided it was time for some faster travel.

And while we had some vague notions about what to do next, the only actual travel plans we had involved a few days in Hanoi, Vietnam (which we did not love) and then hanging out in Da Nang, Vietnam for a while.

We are loving our time in Da Nang. It’s a nice mix of city and beach town. And we intend to make a few day/overnight trips before we leave. Definitely Hoi An. Maybe Hue.

Vietnam Tours, Tickets, Activities & Things To Do

But it was time to once again to make some actual plans beyond our time in Da Nang. Like, the kind with itineraries and stuff. And so we did.

Next Stops: Bali, Indonesia and Sydney, Australia!


Taking advantage of an unusually cheap Singapore Airlines business class fare of ~$500US, we decided we needed to spend some time in Bali.

Lisa has been there with our friend Rachel – but that was over a decade ago – and I have never been.

It’s a digital nomad hub – in fact many Chiang Mai expats and digital nomads escape to Bali during the burning seasons in Chiang Mai (March-May) when it has the worst air quality in the world.

So we are going to fly from Da Nang nonstop to Singapore on Singapore Airlines’ regional carrier SilkAir on March 27 then on to Bali on Singapore Airlines.

But we won’t be in Bali long. This is just a week-long visit to check it out and see if it’s a place we want to come back to for slow travel at some point.


On April 3 we are taking the redeye Qantas flight from Bali to Sydney.

We’ll be hooking up with one of my BFFs James who is an expat American living in Sydney as well as our friend Mike and his family who will be visiting Australia from Seattle.

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world – and that’s going to be a shock after a few months in Thailand and Vietnam!

We Booked Flights!

Soooo…Where to From Sydney!?

No idea.

Maybe New Zealand? We’ve both been to Auckland but never Christchurch nor Marlborough…and Lisa DOES love her some Marlborough Sauv Blanc!


Whitsunday Islands?

Dude, we planned like TWO destinations. What more do you want?! 🙂

If you have any suggestions then by all means please share them!!!

As always, if our paths happen to cross in any of the places we visit please reach out! We’d love to hook up for drinks, a meal or a chat!!!

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  1. We spent 10 days in Bali 16 months ago. I, (not sure about Janice due to the long plane ride), can’t wait to return.
    Check out the Flyertalk forum for the area. There’s a long thread where we all recommend Made (Ma-day) as a (cheap) tour guide. Lemme know if you need his info.

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