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Varna Bulgaria – A Quick Guide

What to do in Varna Bulgaria as an affordable luxury travel vacation destination:

  • Enjoy the wide, beautiful and well-served Varna beach.
  • Explore the ancient history of Varna.
  • Walk Varna’s beach-side Sea Garden Park (aka Primorski Park).
  • Dine in the Varna pedestrian zone or at the many beach-side restaurants.

Varna Bulgaria for an Affordable Luxury Beach Vacation

Varna Bulgaria is a wonderful affordable luxury travel vacation destination in summer. Especially if you love the beach!

Varna is a port city and seaside resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea.

It’s famous for the “Gold of Varna.” This 6,000-year-old Thracian jewelry was discovered in a necropolis. You can see it on display in Varna’s Archaeological Museum.

History buffs can also explore Varna’s Greek, Roman and Ottoman ruins.

But today Varna is best known for its bar-lined beach and promenade that fronts an enormous Sea Garden Park.

Getting to Affordable Upscale Varna Bulgaria

Varna Bulgaria is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe. Over 15 airlines serve Varna’s airport, many of them discount European carriers. And the transfer from the airport to Varna is quick and easy.

But we were arriving in Varna from spending time in Sunny Beach Bulgaria.

The bus between Sunny Beach and Varna is quick, easy and cheap. It costs about $9 per person and took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The bus is large, comfortable and air conditioned. True affordable luxury!

Along the way we passed field upon field of gorgeous sunflowers.

sunflowers in bulgaria

And we passed the Port of Varna.

Varna Bulgaria

We hopped off the bus in Varna and walked to our AirBnB near Varna’s beautiful Sea Garden Park and Beach.

varna bulgaria as an affordable luxury travel vacation

Where to Stay in Varna Bulgaria for Affordable Luxury

Our goal was to stay as close to the Sea Garden Park and beach as possible.

We ended up finding an absolutely stunning apartment with spectacular views of the beach and park! It’s an affordable luxury flat with all the amenities.

And…did I mention a view to die for!?

Here’s a link to that specific apartment!

What to Do in Varna Bulgaria

The beach is the main attraction in Varna Bulgaria. It truly is affordable upscale. You should definitely come to Varna for the beach!

But beyond the beach there are also many other interesting things to do and see in Varna.

The Beach in Varna Bulgaria

The beach in Varna Bulgaria is gorgeous, convenient and well-served.

It’s why you should visit Varna Bulgaria. And you won’t be disappointed.

Varna Bulgaria Beach Day

The central Varna beach and its seaside promenade were built specifically to cater to beach vacationers.

The beach promenade is lined with restaurants, bars and clubs that provide access to the large and wide beach area.

The bars serve food and drinks during the day. And then many of them turn into nightclubs after dinner.

Lounging on the Beach in Varna Bulgaria

As is the case in Sunny Beach, Burgas and Sozopol, there are various options at various price points for beach lounging.

You can:

  • Secure a seat at a beach bar and eat and drink for your spot on the beach.
  • Set up your own towel/chair/umbrella in the free areas of the beach.
  • Pay a few leva to rent an umbrella under which you can place your chair or towel.
  • Pay a few more leva to rent an umbrella and lounger with drinks service.

Varna’s beach is absolutely wonderful place to lounge, relax, swim and nap!

And as you lounge on the beach you can enjoy all kinds of refreshments served by helpful and efficient servers.

Many Aperol Spritzes were consumed during our beach time in Varna Bulgaria!

Sea Garden Park

Sea Garden Park (aka Primorski Park) is a sprawling green space that, just like in Burgas, buffers the city from the beach in Varna. So you will be passing through it going to and from the beach. You may as well enjoy it while you are there!

It is the perfect place for leisurely strolls.

The Sea Garden is also home to Varna’s aquarium, the dolphinarium, the Maritime museum and a zoo. There is even a small amusement park!

We strolled the Sea Garden during the day to take in the sites and the beautiful flowers, great sunlight and nice long promenades. But we especially recommend taking a walk in the park during the evening when it’s cooler.

Exploring History in Varna

Just like the rest of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Varna has a long and colorful history.

Small Roman Baths Varna Bulgaria
Roman Baths of Varna

Ancient Thracians settled the area. They were usurped by the Greeks then Romans, Bulgarians, Ottomans and, finally, Bulgaria.

Each of these empires left a mark on – and ruins in – Varna.

The most famous ruins are the Roman Therms (a.k.a The Roman Baths of Odessos).

The Roman Baths were part of the ancient city of Odessos. They are located in the southeastern part of Varna, close to the port.

Built at the end of the second century, the Baths are among the most well preserved architectural monuments from the ancient period of Bulgaria.

For a more thorough exploration of Varna’s fascinating history we recommend a tour that includes a visit to and tour of the Baths and the Archeological Museum in Varna.

The exhibits at the Archaeological Museum span prehistory, antiquity, the middle ages and all the way to the present.

Varna’s Pedestrian Zone

Varna has a large and beautiful pedestrian zone between Nezavisimost Square and the entrance of the Sea Garden along Knyaz Boris I Blvd.

varna sea garden gate to varna pedestrian zone
The gate between the Varna Sea Garden and the Varna Pedestrian Zone

The pedestrian area includes the Museum “History of Varna.” It also provides an easy walk between the Small and Large Roman Baths and the central city zone.

This massive pedestrian zone has walkways, cycling lanes, green areas and fountains.

And the most famous and unique fountain is located on Nezavisimost Square. Its water jets reach a height of 41m and it has 2000 color combinations.

The goal of this urban renovation project was so that Varna could have a contemporary, elegant and convenient city centre. And that infrastructure is in place.

But to us it seemed that few retail outlets or restaurants have been attracted by this gorgeous area. There are a few cafes and franchise restaurants. But it just hasn’t become a vibrant pedestrian zone the way that Sofia’s Vitosha Blvd. and Burgas’ Bogoridi Blvd. pedestrian zones have.  Not yet, anyway.

Other Tours, Activities and Things to Do in Varna, Bulgaria

Here is a curated list of other tours, activities and things to do in Varna.

Bottom Line – Varna Bulgaria as an Affordable Luxury Travel Vacation Destination

If you are looking for an affordable luxury beach vacation then Varna Bulgaria makes a great choice.

Not only does it have a great beach, but you can also spend some time exploring ancient civilizations through modern empires.

Varna Bulgaria Sign

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