Camper Retreats Caravan Algarve Portugal

Camper Retreats Campervan Portugal Caravan

Doing a campervan Portugal caravan with Camper Retreats was the one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.

I can’t recommend this experience strongly enough!

We went into our campervan caravan adventure with both excitement and trepidation.

We left it with lifelong memories and friends.

And although a campervan caravan may seem like ‘roughing it,’ we still considered it to be an affordable luxury travel experience! Read on to understand why….

Campervan Portugal Caravan Photos in This Article

Many of the photos in this article were taken by Denise Motz and are Copyrighted © All Rights Reserved and used with permission. Denise served as the official photographer for Camper Retreats.

I, Lisa and our fellow caravaners took the rest of the photos. If the photo looks awesome, it’s probably Denise’s. 🙂

If you are looking for a professional photographer be sure to check Denise out:

What is a Campervan?

Before we get started, the former corporate RV executive in me desperately needs to point out that campervans are not a type of RV…necessarily.

In the US, RVs are built to a specific set of RV standards (NFPA 1192 and ANSI A119.5, to be specific!). If a van is built to RV standards it’s an RV. If not, it’s a ‘conversion van.’

Things are a bit more fuzzy in Europe, but suffice to say that you know the difference between an RV and a campervan when you see them.

Campervans look like, well, vans!

And while they often contain living systems like a kitchenette and 12-volt power they typically do not have a bathroom much less a toilet (a LOT more on that in a bit!)…although one can always bring along a portable toilet.

By contrast, RVs tend to be larger and have a more complete set of living systems like, you know, a toilet!

But from a far simpler and pragmatic perspective, you know the difference when you see them!

Another distinction: RVs are built in a factory. By contrast, most campervan owners take great delight in customizing their campervan themselves – building out their own tiny house van!

Our campervan caravan included a combination of rented as well as owned campervans as well as a couple motorhome RVs (type Cs, to be specific!). The rental company had converted the rented campervans.

But our friend Daniel built out his campervan as a digital nomad hub on wheels by himself!

Custom Built Campervan
Self-Built Digital Nomad Campervan

How Did You End Up On a Campervan Portugal Caravan Adventure?

Great question!

I was minding my own business at a normal digital nomad get-together in the emerging digital nomad hub of Bansko, Bulgaria.

We were attending a hamburger and hot tub social event in Bansko (as one does). And while I was sitting in a hot tub in my underwear with several other digital nomads (as one also does), Lisa was chatting up our friend Inga (but let’s call her Cukie).

When I returned from hot-tubbing Lisa enthusiastically told me we would be campervanning in southern Portugal in a month’s time with Cukie and the Camper Retreats gang.

I thought she was kidding. After all, Lisa’s a CITY GIRL.

But this nomadic lifestyle has taught us to ‘always say yes’ when presented with an opportunity, and Lisa was embracing that notion completely.

For me it was very easy to get excited about a campervan caravan in Portugal!

After all, my first car as a teenager was my parents’ old yellow 1979 Ford Econoline van. That beauty had 4-on-the-floor stick shift (just like our campervan would) and my brother Rob and his friends had built a bespoke table/platform in the back that had carpeting on top. For family road trips luggage would go under the platform and we kids would sleep on it during long drives (this was before seat belts were mandatory, obviously…).

So thinking about sleeping in a campervan brought back sweet childhood and crazy teenage memories of being in a van with (sort of) a bed.

camper retreats portugal
My first car looked like this…except it was yellow.

Camper Retreats Caravans: #vanlife

About Camper Retreats

Camper Retreats is a venture created by a happy bunch of adventurous location-independent entrepreneurs and freelancers who believe that van life is the ultimate lifestyle.

The leader of this merry gang is Britt Daemen, a laid back Dutch woman whose digital nomad ‘day job’ is running B. Analyzed, a marketing firm that helps online businesses get Google’s top rankings, improving their ROI & online marketing results. She takes a ‘No cure, no pay’ approach to SEO which is bold and rare in the world of SEO optimization.

The Camper Retreats credo is: “Let’s create an awesome trip together and enjoy an unforgettable experience.”

Campervan Retreats caravans offer a healthy mix of adventure, relaxation and – because Camper Retreats it is run by and geared toward digital nomads – time for work.

That said, you don’t have to be a digital nomad to go on a Camper Retreats caravan! A Camper Retreat caravan also makes for an amazing vacation or holiday experience. Our friend Bianca, for example, used the caravan as a way to explore #vanlife on holiday and decide if it was a lifestyle she enjoys.

Before the caravan begins, the Camper Retreats team lays out a pretty detailed itinerary. But they also make it clear that those detailed plans are really just suggestions! After all, the whole point of #vanlife is the ability to make and change your destination on the fly.

So the itinerary can and does at the whim of spontaneous ideas or group decisions.

Our campervan caravan Portugal included 15 people in 5 vans and 2 RVs. Some, like our friends Uwe (who is a co-founder of Coworking Bansko), Avi, Cukie, Carmen (who runs a Spanish language website about peer-to-peer loans) and Gus (who helps people create and grow E-Commerce businesses) we knew from our time in Bansko Bulgaria. The rest we were meeting for the first time!

Vanlife Camper Retreats Activities

Camper Retreats also offers a full slate of activities each day that include yoga, massages, day trips and side-trips.

But all activities are optional and there truly is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to. For example, Lisa and I like to sleep in in the morning. So although yoga was offered every day, we never did morning yoga once…and that was just fine!

Generally activities and side trips are from 8 or 9 am until noon. Then midday is for working and/or driving. And if you need more time to work that is easily fit into any given day. But if you don’t need to work then that means more time to play!

And Camper Retreats comes with ‘TIME POLICE!’ Our friend Lisa ‘LaLa’ served in this capacity during our caravan. She provided lots of details and directions. And every morning she made rounds to make sure everyone was aware of their options as well as time requirements for the day. And she was VERY good at her job. She took one day off during the caravan and we all sort of fell into chaos. Lisa ‘LaLa’ is very good at her time police job!

Another Camper Retreats team member Rim led yoga, gave massages and put on cooking classes during dinner preparation.

Cuki and Steffie were always on hand to solve problems and lend a hand.

The Camper Retreat team also takes care of the groceries and cooking of five group dinners as well as breakfast most days. On days that dinner is not prepared by Camper Retreats, the group dines together at a local restaurant – or you are free to cook your dinner in your campervan.

Campers are responsible for drinks and snacks, our own lunch and things like water, toilet paper, etc.

Camper Retreats: What’s Included and Price?

The Camper retreats campervan caravan all-in price includes:

  • Accommodation Wild Camping Spots and Cool Campgrounds
  • Skill Sharing, Co-Working, Masterminds
  • Portable WiFi hotspots in all vans
  • Yoga & Meditation in the Morning and Evening
  • Daily Healthy breakfast
  • Cooking Classes
  • 6 Group Dinners including a BBQ Night
  • Board games, Volleyball, Fresco ball & Football tournament
  • Office and Bedroom With Epic Views
  • Hidden Gems & Must-visit Spots in Portugal
  • Local Parties
  • And Much More!

The price of a Camper Retreats Campervan Caravan is specific to that caravan and depends on whether you rent or bring your own campervan.

If you brought your own van as our friend Daniel did or rented an RV separately as our friend Max did, the program price was 395 euros.

And if you rented a campervan through Camper Retreats, the price depended on your living arrangement/van-type choice.

Campervan Retreats Cost Portugal Caravan

As a couple, we chose the private van and paid 795 euros per person for the 11-day caravan. So we paid about € 72 per person per day for a van, many meals and activities. Definitely affordable luxury travel!

Our Campervan Portugal Caravan Campervan

A Van Called ‘Bud’

Snailhouse Campervans provided the Camper Retreats campervans.

And we just knew this experience would be amazing when we were introduced to our campervan. His name is ‘Bud.’

Not only is Bud the same color as the yellow van I drove as a teenager, it looks freaking COOL. And we felt cool driving it!

Inside Bud

Bud is a perfect ‘couples campervan’ for digital nomads or vacationers!

In the front there is a table and benches. This made the perfect place for Lisa to work on her Amazon FBA business and for me to work on Ready Jet Roam as well as building a team of digital nomads to do some consulting work that I had sold. I even participated in a work video conference from inside of Bud during our campervan caravan!

Digital nomads working in a campervan
Bud in Work Mode

At night, the table and benches became (with a little effort) a large and comfortable bed that’s perfect for a couple.

Campervan Bed Algarve Portugal
Bud in Sleep (and Wine!) Mode

Converting Bud from work mode to sleep mode was a bit like doing a puzzle on Survivor. But after some practice we were able to get it done in about 10 minutes.

Here’s what that looked like in 22 seconds:

Campervan Table to Bed in 22 Seconds

In the back Bud sports a kitchenette including a stovetop, sink and refrigerator. This kitchenette was terrific because it allowed us to maintain our travel keto diet during the campervan caravan.

campervan kitchen
Bud’s Campervan Kitchen

We love Bud. He is an awesome campervan.

The Reality Living in a Campervan for 11 Days

Living for 11 days in such a tiny space comes with accepting certain realities of life. At first it’s a bit awkward to face and accept your own fundamental human-ness.

But doing so and eventually accepting and even embracing it is a big part of the campervan #vanlife experience.

Toilet and Bathing


Let’s start with our biggest question going into this adventure: 11 days with no bathroom!?!?!?


Here’s the thing: everyone poops.

Most societies do their best to make it a private affair that is not spoken of nor planned around. But that social construct completely breaks down on a campervan caravan.

We quickly learned the first rule of campervanning: if you see a toilet, use it.

Because it might be the last one you see for a couple days. And in between, if/when you need to go it’ll be in a hole in the ground that you dig with a trowel. Either that or use the small portable toilet provided…with the proviso that you will be cleaning it out at the end of the caravan.

So if you see a toilet, use that toilet.

Sure, the campgrounds we stayed in have facilities. But we spent over half of our nights in our campervan caravan doing wild camping with no facilities other than mother nature.

So by the third day or so of our caravan peeing and pooping were topics that were as openly discussed as meal planning. For those not comfortable pooping in nature, pit stops were planned around it. And those who are comfortable with pooping in nature extolled the virtue of it.

Lisa and I both quickly got comfortable peeing in nature (easier for me than Lisa). And sometimes only in the semi-private – like the time I stumbled out of Bud in what I thought was early in the morning and ended up relieving myself in front of our friends Gus and Lisa who had been doing their best to enjoy a cup of coffee. All part of the #vanlife experience!

But we were definitely on the ‘let’s make a pit stop’ side of the ‘pooping in nature’ question.

So in the end, while not having a toilet was something we both thought/worried about going into this adventure, in the end it was fine. Just one small thing to deal with along the way.


Our biggest concern beyond a toilet going into the campervan caravan was WiFi.

Yep: pooping and WiFi topped our campervan hierarchy of needs!

As digital nomads we work at least a couple of hours every day. Sometimes far more. And the number one need for any digital nomad is WiFi.

Knowing this, Camper Retreats provided a portable cellular 5g Wifi hotspot with 20G of fast data. So whether we were in Bud or out exploring in the Algarve we always had WiFi with us.

There were a couple of remote places we visited that didn’t have cellular coverage, so we simply worked around that by finding a spot with cellular coverage when it was time to work.


We were less concerned about bathing. We knew there would be shower facilities at most every 3 days. Skipping bathing for a day or two isn’t a big deal.

Plus in between campgrounds we had access to the ocean as well as outdoor camping showers to rinse off the salt water.

The water in Bud’s large water tank isn’t potable so kept a supply of 5 liter bottles of water for brushing our teeth as well as drinking.

Campervan Brushing Teeth
Lisa Brushing Her Teeth in Bud

We had proper showers with soap and shampoo when we stayed in campgrounds.


As noted, Bud has a great bed.

But the key to a good night’s sleep in any sort of campervan or RV is being level. It’s amazing how sensitive the human body becomes to sleeping at a weird angle.

So finding a level spot – especially while wild camping – is a priority.

Those who already know this can come armed with cheap and simple leveling kits.

They can make just about any parking spot level for a good night’s sleep.

Cooking and Eating a Keto Diet on Campervan Caravan

Thanks to Bud’s kitchenette we were able to maintain our travel keto diet even when group dinners were carb-based!

We made keto diet bulletproof tea for breakfast every morning.

We picked up simple-to-prepare keto food at the Lidl stops and cooked them up in Bud. Sausages, bacon, hamburger, eggs and salads kept us keto the entire caravan!

And our restaurant meals during the caravan had a great selection of seafood and heavy protein.

Driving a Campervan

I found driving a campervan to be easy. Of course, I had lots of experience driving a van.

Bud’s gearbox was a little sticky getting into and out of second gear but it never affected our ability to get around.

In fact, by the end of the caravan I took bud up and through the narrow and windy streets of Lagos!

Since I was driving Lisa got to navigate. Although when we were caravanning the view ahead pretty much always looked like this.

campervan with camping shower

Van Maintenance

My last project for the RV industry before I launched as digital nomad was to create the RV Technical Institute, whose mission is to increase the number of trained RV technicians in the US. So no one is more acutely aware of the need to perform maintenance on RVs and campervans than I am.

While the folks from Snailhub were able and willing to come find our caravan to do emergency maintenance, they preferred to talk us through minor fixes. So when Bud’s brake lights stopped working one day they just talked me through replacing the fuse. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Hey, look at me! I’m an RV Technician!!!!

The Amazing Sense of Community in a Campervan Caravan

It’s a cliche how open, welcoming and helpful RVers and campers can be. Pull into any campground or RV park and you’ll be swarmed with fellow RVers and campers who want to help you set up, get to know you and enjoy some comradarie.

That’s even more true on a campervan caravan. Especially one run by Camper Retreats.

They create and maintain an open, caring environment. We were all part of a community…a tribe.

And as a result of that we’ve become fast friends for life.


Morning hugs are an important part of the Camper Retreats Campervan Caravan culture.

Sometimes afternoon and evening hugs too!

And even if you don’t feel like getting out of bed for one, you can order hugs to be delivered room service style!!!

The Camper Retreats Campervan Caravan Portugal Experience

Our Camper Retreats campervan Portugal caravan started and ended in Lagos Portugal. Lagos is a very interesting city on the southern coast of Portugal in and of itself so it was a perfect place to base the caravan out of.

Our caravan took place in the fall when the weather is still perfect and there not as many tourists. Visiting a place in shoulder season is, after all, one of our tips for finding affordable luxury travel!

Starting our adventure in Lagos we slowly, slowly no rush! made our way around the beautiful Algarve in southern Portugal. It took affordable luxury slow travel to the next level.

And we had plenty of work, play and wine along the way.

Our epic communal road trip lasted 11 days.

Campervan Caravan Portugal Destinations

Day 1 – Lagos, Portugal

Our caravan crew gathered for the first time at a restaurant called Tasca Da Lota on the outskirts of Lagos near Campground Lagos for lunch.

We introduced ourselves and shared our first hugs. Then shared a meal and got to know each other a bit.

After lunch we walked to the campground where those of us who rented took possession of our campervans. The folks from Snailhouse campervans showed us around our new homes on wheels and then took us for a test drive to make sure we were comfortable driving a campervan.

Having driven a van very much like Bud I had no problem with 4 on the floor shift. But watching me on my test drive, Lisa decided she’d skip her road test and just let me handle the driving for the duration of the caravan.

That evening we all walked into Lagos for a group dinner together.

Lisa and I knew we had found our tribe when, on the walk back, we all stopped and took over a small merry-go-round for a spin!

We slept very well in our campervan that night.

Day 2 – Lagos Beach and Our First Caravan

The next day we woke up, had our keto diet bulletproof tea for breakfast then worked for a few hours.

At midday we popped over to the beach near the campground. We had lunch at Linda the Beach Bar then lounged in the sun and cooled off in the sea.

Later in the afternoon we had our first caravan as we all drove convoy-style to the local Lidl supermarket to stock up on supplies for our adventure which would include several nights of wild camping (boondocking) in Portugal.

The Lidl supermarket in Lagos is VERY RV and campervan friendly. They welcome RVers and campervans not just to park and shop but also to use their bathroom – a policy we would come to appreciate over the course of our campervan caravan (when you see a toilet, use it!).

Lidl Lagos welcomes campervans and RVs

From there we headed west from Lagos and drove for just under an hour to a wild Camping site at Praia das Furnas.

This gorgeous site is well off of paved roads in a remote area near an amazing beach that we explored. As the sun started to set we set up for dinner in a small cave on the beach.

That night we enjoyed a BBQ in that cave where we drank wine, ate meat and got to know our caravan mates better.

Day 3 – Alvor

The next morning we had a communal breakfast.

Camper retreat portugal breakfast

Then we packed up and backtracked past Lagos to Alvor Portugal.

Alvor is a gorgeous seaside town in the Algarve.

The old town is rich with history including a 16th-­century church and 3 Islamic shrines that date back to Moorish times.

Cobblestone streets lead down to a paved riverfront lined with bars and seafood restaurants. And the wetlands of the Alvor river estuary provide a habitat for resident and migratory birds.

We parked and set up camp at Campground Alvor. The campground is walking distance to old town Alvor, beaches and the estuary waterfront.

After a day and night of wild camping we were happy to be in a proper campground with access to a proper toilet.

Even better, a public swimming pool (Complexo Desportivo De Alvor) is adjacent to the campground so we were able to get in a half-hour of swimming during our time in Alvor followed by a hot shower.

Lisa and I unwound, did some work online, then walked into old town Alvor for some lunch.

When we got back to the campground we tried to work some more but got distracted by Avi and Lisa doing acro yoga between the campervans!

We had dinner in the campground and got another good night’s rest.

Day 4 – Campervan Portugal Boating Side Trip and Praia da Ingrina

Boating Side Trip From Alvor

The enormous Alvor estuary provided an opportunity to take a boat excursion through the estuary and out into the sea.

So we made our way to the estuary waterfront and everyone pitched in to rent a boat for a few hours.

Because our group had rented the entire boat, on the way back we were able to stop on a sand island in the estuary for some frollicking, headstands, swimming and more acro yoga!

That afternoon we refilled Bud’s large water tank, packed up and headed back west to our next destination: more wild camping at Praia da Ingrina.

Filling the Campervan with water in Algarve Campground

The wild camping site at Praia da Ingrina is pristine wilderness. But despite its remoteness we had smoking fast Internet so were able to work when when we weren’t exploring.

That night we shared dinner at a remote but lovely seafood restaurant on the shore called Zavial.

Afterwards many of us piled into Bud and chatted late into the night.

Day 5 – Work and Fort Sagres

We woke up the next morning and worked from the van. Even in this remote corner of Portugal the wifi provided by Camper Retreats worked well enough that I was able to participate in a video conference from the van that moring.

Then we drove to the surfer town of Sagras Portugal for lunch.

After eating and exploring Sagras a bit we drove Bud over to Fort Sagres, the southwestern tip of Portugal and Continental Europe. There were lots of dramatic views.

That evening we ate dinner at the campsite and then…somehow…had a dance party in one of the campervans.

Yep, 10 or so of us in a campervan having a dance party.

Day 6 – Salema Portugal

The next day we packed up and headed to the beautiful beach town of Salema for lunch.

Then we made our way Salema Eco Camp. This gorgeous campground/lodge is only minutes from Salema and the beach.

More importantly, the campground area has showers, toilets and laundry facilities. And after a week of campervanning including 2 nights wild camping in a row we were all in desperate need of all 3!

We worked, bathed, did laundry and took advantage of having toilets!

After a group dinner it was back to Bud for some sleep.

Day 7 – The Famous Algarve Pizza Party!

The next day we made our way back to Lagos to reprovision from Lidl, then turned our campervan caravan north toward the Algarve Friday Night Pizza Party!

Our campervan friend Avi is a professional drone photographer. Since the drive to the Algarve Pizza party is across long stretches of remote and unpaved roads we used the occasion to get some amazing shots of our caravan.

Avi’s flying skills and photography are amazing. If you are looking for high-quality aerial footage check him out at .

Camper Retreats campervan caravan Algarve Portugal

Algarve Friday Night Pizza Party

It started in the 2000s as a local meeting of some friends at an old stone oven.

Over time it grew. And in July 2013 in the the FRIDAY HAPPINESS ASSOSCIACAO was formed around an alternative living place for self-awareness and cultural exchange where people from all over the world come together. And what connects people better than a nice slice of delicious pizza from the stone oven, shaking music and a cold drink!?

Friday Happiness has evolved into a cultural and arts community that is working towards being self sustained. A commune of volunteers who work and play together in the mountains of Monchique, Portugal.

But the Friday Night Pizza party (as it is commonly called) brings hundreds of people to this remote area in Portugal for what I can only describe as a pizza party rave.

For 10 euros you get all-you-can-eat pizza and access to 3 stages of music and dancing.

We parked in the pizza party campervan area and warmed up for the night with a massage train.

Then Lisa and I had a quick keto diet friendly meal since pizza is not keto diet friendly.

Then we all dove into the madness!

Lisa and I called it a night around 3am. Others apparently returned to our campsite at dawn…

Oh what a night!

Day 8 РCampismo Ṣo Miguel

Everyone slept in Saturday morning. And then coffee was consumed.

Camper Retreats Algarve Friday Night Pizza Party Aftermath
Coffee after the Algarve Pizza Party

After a slow start, our intention was to spend the day swimming in a nearby lake.

But we arrived to find that the abnormally dry summer left the lake nearly empty!

Dry Lake After Algarve Pizza Party
Where did he lake go!?

So instead we headed north to our next stop: Campground São Miguel Odeceixe.

Everyone was still a bit weary after the previous evening’s exertions.

So we lazily hung around the campground and I took a swim in their big pool.

Then we showered and then headed out for a group dinner at a Thai restaurant in the area where we swapped stories about each other’s digital nomad adventures in Thailand.

Everyone was amazed to learn that we spent two months in Thailand eating a travel keto diet including not a single noodle or grain of rice!

Thai Food Dinner Portugal Campervan Caravan
Talking Thailand over Thai Food in Portugal

After dinner we were fast asleep in Bud earlier than on any other night on our campervan caravan!

Day 9 – Amazing Views at Miradouro Maravilha Odeceixe Beach and Praia de Pipa Portugal

The next morning we were up early and ready to explore the area.

So we popped into the cute town of Odeceixe for a stroll and lunch.

Then we made our way to the nearby Miradouro Maravilha Odeceixe Beach where we took in the views and the sand.

From there we headed south to a wild camping spot at Praia de Pipa that would prove to be the highlight of our caravan, both literally and figuratively.

Praia da Pipa is a small sandy beach under steep cliffs and some interesting rock formations. The beach has very few visitors as it is very difficult to access from the top of the cliffs.

But the views from atop the Praia de Pipa cliffs are breathtakingly spectacular. You can watch waves roll in from a mile out to sea.

We sat as close to the edge of the cliffs as comfortable (and most were FAR more comfortable than me!) and just took in the beauty of the place, including an incredible sunset.

We parked and camped just a few meters from those steep cliffs where we enjoyed sundowners.

That night we ate together then checked and rechecked our parking brakes just to make sure no one rolled off the cliffs into the sea!

Day 10 – Arrifana and Praia da Bordeira

The next morning many of us took a hike along the cliffs. Lisa and I came across a Moorish archeological site.

Campervan Camping at Praia de Pipa Cliffs Algarve Portugal

After a few last looks at the gorgeous views we packed up the campervans and headed south toward our final campsite of the caravan: Carrapateira.

Along the way we stopped for lunch and some work time in the surfer town of Arrifana at Sea You Surf Cafe.

After working for a bit we watched the surfers do their thing.

From there we drove further south to our final wild camping spot at Praia da Bordeira, Carrapateira.

Sitting on the mouth of the Ribeira da Bordeira, Praia da Bordeira features limestone cliffs as well as enormous and extensive sand dunes that spread inland to Carrapateira village.

Sand Dunes at Praia da Carrapateira Portugal
Sand Dunes at Praia da Carrapateira Portugal


It was our last official night together. So we celebrated at a nearby restaurant called Restaurant O Sitio Do Rio. The service was pretty terrible and the mood was bittersweet.

But as the wine and sangria flowed so did the smiles!

And then it was time for one last campervan party. So we all piled into Daniel’s campervan while Avi played DJ. A dance party and sing along ensued.

Backstreet’s Back ALRIGHT!

Day 11 – The End of the Beginning

We woke to the grim reality that it was all ending. Our campervan caravan adventure was over.

So it was time to make our way back to Lagos where we would return and say goodbye to Bud.

Campervan Portugal

Along the way we washed 11 days worth of camping off of our our campervans, cleaned out the inside and refilled the water tanks. Those who had used portable toilets got to tend to those.

Campervan Wash Lagos Portugal

Back in Lagos it was time to say goodbye to some of our new friends.

But even after 11 days we still hadn’t had enough of each other so those spending the night in Lagos gathered one more time for Mexican food, more fun and farewells.

Our campervan caravan truly over, Lisa and I spent the night in a proper bed for the first time in nearly two weeks in a hotel in Lagos.

The next day took a bus to Seville, Spain.

Bonus Campervan Caravan Portugal Content: Broek Uit Op Je Hoofd

There’s a Dutch novelty song called Broek Uit Op Je Hoofd. In English it means ‘Pants off On Your Head’

I can’t tell you exactly how it became a thing during our campervan caravan. Having so many Dutch participating didn’t hurt. And maybe if I had picked it up the first time they tried to teach me the Dutch lyrics it would have been a one night thing.

But I didn’t. And so it wasn’t!

It was sung so, so, so many times in so many ways and in so many languages.

Bottom Line – Campervan Portugal Caravan

Before we did it, if you had told us that Lisa and I would be doing a Camper Retreats campervan caravan in southern Portugal for 11 days we would have laughed.

Today we consider it one of the most interesting and fun experiences of our lives.

We saw amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches and dramatic views.

More importantly we got to know some incredible people and our fellow caravaners became our tribe and friends for life.

Whether you are a digital nomad or not, taking a Campervan Retreats caravan is something to put on your bucket list!

Epilogue – My Birthday Party in London

During our caravan Lisa was deep into planning my big birthday celebration in London which would take place a month later.

Of COURSE I invited my campervan tribe to the party and I was humbled and honored that our Camper Retreats tribe was well represented when the day came!!

And yes, there was more Broek Uit Op Je Hoofd!

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