Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations

What are Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations?

Affordable luxury destinations are places in the world where you can experience affordable upscale travel.

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Affordable Luxury Fast Travel vs. Affordable Luxury Slow Travel

Affordable Luxury Fast Travel Destinations

It’s possible to minimize travel expenses in places like London, Sydney and New York.

By finding homestays on, AirBnB or VRBO you can save a lot of money. By booking group tours and using the sharing economy you can definitely find affordable upscale travel in expensive destinations.

And that’s part of discovering affordable luxury travel.

What to Do in Sydney for Four Days
Affordable Upscale Fast Travel in Sydney, Australia

But it’s not sustainable affordable luxury over the long term.

The cost of food, transportation and just living necessitate fast affordable upscale travel in places like these.

For example, we did affordable upscale fast travel in Australia – one of the most expensive places in the world! And we loved it!

We went to Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. We did wine tastings in the Yarra Valley outside of Melbourne and the Coal Valley outside of Hobart.

But we covered all that ground in just three weeks out of a lifetime of full time travel!

If we took longer to explore Australia we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy affordable luxury there.

Affordable Luxury Slow Travel Destinations

Blue Temple Chiang Rai
Affordable Upscale Slow Travel in Chiang Rai, Thailand

The key to sustainable extended upscale travel is traveling to places around the world where you can find affordable luxury lodging, affordable gourmet restaurants and affordable travel experiences.

There are many places in the world where the cost of living is low enough that you can live in luxury for a fraction of the price you pay in other parts of the world.

We found gourmet restaurants that charge a fraction of what you would pay in the US or Western Europe.

We rented luxury flats for as little as 200 euros per month.

So we spent over a month in places Chiang Mai, Thailand, Penang, Malaysia and Bansko, Bulgaria doing slow affordable upscale travel.

Because in affordable upscale slow travel destinations you can live like royalty on the cheap!

Here are our experiences with both fast travel and slow travel affordable upscale destinations:

Affordable Luxury Fast Travel
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Affordable Luxury Slow Travel
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