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Cute Travel Clothes for Women by a Full Time Traveler

Lisa’s Favorite Stylish and Cute Travel Clothes for Women

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I will be honest: I buy almost all of Matt’s clothes. I can’t help it, I’m a born shopper and now he’s my Ken Doll!

Here’s the thing, though, I have SUCH an easier time finding mens travel clothes for Matt than I did for cute womens clothes!

I provide more details in a different blog post about the travel clothes for men that I buy for Matt.

And he has talked about what he packed.

But finding good, functional but cute travel clothes for women is just so much harder.

To make the cut for our digital nomad lifestyle every piece of clothing I own has to meet a few requirements:

  1. It has to be cute!
  2. The lighter the better.
  3. It has to roll up tightly and take up as little space as possible.
  4. Wrinkle free.

I spent a lot of time looking for cute travel clothes for women that met these requirements.

Now that we’ve been full-time digital nomads for a while I want to share the clothes that go into my single carry on bag (the best long-term travel bag on the market!) and really do work for a permanently traveling lifestyle.

Cute Travel Pants For Women

ExOfficio Women’s Nomad Roll-Up Pant

These are the only pants I own.

And I love them (nomad is even in the name!):

  • They fit nicely and don’t cinch at the waist
  • They have deep pockets that comfortably hold my big iPhone XS Max
  • The legs roll up on hot days turning them into capri pants
  • But when full length they look like nice pants, not travel pants
  • They are NOT cargo pants, but a really nice pair of slacks
  • When it’s time for fast travel they roll up very very small in luggage

I can’t recommend these travel pants for women highly enough. If you take one thing away from this blog post, take these pants! They are awesome.

Lisa’s travel pants for women: ExOfficio Women’s Nomad Roll-Up Pant

Cute Travel Jeans for Women

Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Pull-On Waist Smoother Straight-Leg Jean

Okay, so this is actually a funny recommendation, because they are pull-up jeans and yet they ARE cute. I promise! Like my travel pants, these jeans are just so comfortable.

I didn’t realize they were pull-on jeans when I bought them…I mean, aren’t pull-on jeans MOM JEANS!? When they arrived from Amazon I almost didn’t try them on. But I had ordered 7 pairs of jeans in an Amazon Wardrobe box and so I tried them on just because.

I’m so glad I did.

They are the perfect length and fit. An added bonus is that they are a little bit stretchy and allow your body to change sizes without needing a new pair as quickly as with many jeans.

We eat a travel keto diet and have been consistently losing weight – I have shorts that are falling off of me now a few months in to this journey and yet these jeans, when washed and dried, still fit perfectly.

Most importantly when it comes to cute travel clothes for women, when sitting on planes or trains for hours at a time there is no button or buckle digging into my stomach. They are so comfortable it is crazy.

And here’s the thing: even with my shirt tucked in you can’t tell they are pull-up jeans.

Finally, like everything else I own, they compress nicely and roll up tight for fast travel!

Lisa’s travel jeans for women: Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Pull-On Waist Smoother Straight-Leg Jean

Cute Travel Clothes for Women: Travel Blouses

Romwe Women’s Casual Cap Sleeve Bow Tie Blouse

I have two of these; one in Black #11 and one in Burgundy #15:

They are my go-to ‘dress up’ #datenight wear, and they both go with either my travel pants or travel jeans.

Part of what makes these blouses work so well is that I didn’t actually buy them for travel. I bought them for work. But then I realized that they would make awesome travel clothes.

Because while they are dressy, they are super thin and don’t wrinkle even after being balled up in my suitcase.

They are not the highest quality in the world, but for the price they are a bargain – and they look and feel great.

Lisa’s travel blouse for women:Romwe Women’s Casual Cap Sleeve Bow Tie Blouse

Cute Travel Shorts for Women

Gap 5″ City Shorts

Thanks to our keto way of eating and an active digital nomad lifestyle, the shorts I packed at the start of our adventure not longer fit me by the time we got to Hanoi.

So I swung by Gap and bought these simple, rugged and cute shorts.

They are functional and cute travel clothes for women.

travel clothes for women
Travel Shorts for Women

Lisa’s travel shorts for women: Gap 5″ City Shorts

Cute Travel Clothes for Women: Travel Dress

Columbia Women’s Freezer III Dress, UV Sun Protection, Moisture Wicking Fabric

When it comes to travel clothes for women, dresses are probably the hardest. Or maybe just for me – I have a larger size chest and struggle to find a flattering fit.

I brought exactly one dress on this adventure. And it’s perfect.

I needed one versatile dress that I could wear for a night out at a fancy restaurant AND a casual day at the beach. Yet it couldn’t come out of my suitcase looking like a wrinkled mess.

I tried on over 50 dresses but none could pull off all of those requirements.

Then I tried this dress on!

It’s casual enough for the beach but dressy enough for a nice dinner. And it doesn’t wrinkle.

Lisa’s travel dress: Columbia Women’s Freezer III Dress, UV Sun Protection, Moisture Wicking Fabric

Cute Travel Clothes for Women: Travel Shoes for Women

Travel Shoes for Women

KEEN Women’s Lorelai Sneaker

I fell in love with these shoes the moment I saw them.

When we were heading to Europe for the summer I wanted more stylish (but still comfortable!) shoes than the Nike trainers I wore all over Asia.

After an exhaustive search I was thrilled when I found these. I’ve worn them practically every day since I bought them.

They are just as comfortable as my Nike tennis shoes were but are also dressy enough to wear out in cosmopolitan Europe.

Style AND comfort!? That’s for me!

KEEN Women’s Lorelai Sneaker

Travel Flip Flops for women

Reef Sandy Womens Sandals | Flip Flops for Women

I am very picky about my flip flops. If I had my way I would have brought my gorgeous Tory Burch flip flops on our nomadic wanderings.

But alas they were not practical for the rigors of travel.

These reef flip flops provide comfort, durability AND cuteness! The are Reef sandals, which do have arch support which I love.

They also wipe clean easily with a damp cloth. I did have to size up – I am usually between a size 7.5 and 8 but had to go up a size to not have my heel jutting off the back edge.

Travel clothes for women
Reef Sandy Flip Flops

Lisa’s travel flip flops for women: Reef Sandy Womens Sandals | Flip Flops for Women

Travel Flats For Women

Rothy’s (This Link Includes a $20-off Coupon!)

I’ve been a Rothy’s fanatic since the day I discovered them. Ask any female that I know! I have been raving about Rothy’s for years!

travel clothes for women
So cute! So comfortable!

After 15 years of wearing high heels I had had enough…but I was worried that ‘comfortable flats’ meant ‘ugly flats.’

Rothy’s proved me wrong. They are SO CUTE!

And the insole is removable and washable, so they never get smelly or gross. I have worn them all over the world – from city streets to sandy beaches.

They do wash up so well. And if they get a little ‘smelly’ from bare feet you can just remove the insole and wash them both in the sink (or the shower) with some soap.

A few hours later you have dry, like-new, clean smelling shoes. They are amazing!

I had about 10 pairs of Rothy’s before becoming a digital nomad. I could only bring one pair and I ultimately went with the round toe in black.

Lisa’s travel flats for women: Rothy’s (This Link Includes a $20-off Coupon!)

Cute Travel Clothes for Women: Swimsuit (Bikini Top)

Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Solo Solid Underwire

I’m still not sure I’m comfortable in a bikini, but there are three key reasons why I am wearing one:

1) It packs up smaller than a tankini and takes up very little room in my bag.

2) Matt is the only person who sees me in it (that I’ll ever see again).

3) But most importantly, we have been swimming every day and this top is relatively easy to get in and out of and it dries quickly.

Given my chest size, finding the right bikini top was even harder than finding the right dress. This is the only top I could find that makes me feel comfortable, supported and cute.

It is actually as supportive as any of my favorite bras.

Kantary Hills pool
I Love this Bikini

While I have the top in black it’s also available in prints.

Lisa’s Travel Swimsuit for Women: Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Solo Solid Underwire

Travel Underwear for Women

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Brief

At first the notion of buying travel underwear seemed silly to me. They are… underwear…how special do they need to be?

But then I bought Matt some ExOfficio underwear after he insisted after reading a recommendation from one of his favorite travel bloggers Never Ending Voyage.

Suddenly it made sense: comfortable, breathable underwear that could re-worn if necessary and could be washed in a bathroom sink and be dry in an hour. Brilliant!

So I invested in seven pair and it feels like one of the smartest decisions I made.

First of all, they dry so quickly – so if you have to wash them in the sink you can dry them in the sun in an hour or less.

Second of all, I could fit 7 pairs in to the same small packing cube space that 3 pairs of basic cotton VS undies took up. Ultimately they are just made for travel.

digital nomad underwear
This is a stock photo, not me!!!

Lisa’s travel underwear for women:ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Brief

Travel T-Shirts For Women

I also have various rando t-shirts. I acquire and dispose of these on a pretty regular basis at H&M or random mall stores.

Bottom Line – Cute Travel Clothes for Women

I had a really hard time finding travel clothes for women that really actually travel well AND look cute.

I hope this post helps you find some travel clothing for women pieces that work for you too!

Be sure to check out my article about the best cute travel clothes for men too!

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