Lokal coworking Tbilisi

The Best Coliving and Coworking Space Tbilisi

The best coliving and coworking space Tbilisi is LOKAL Tbilisi.

LOKAL has all of the things that you expect from a great coliving or coworking space. Fast internet. Good café-style coffee and tea. And even a small bar for that afternoon celebratory cocktail, craft beer, or glass of Georgian wine!

But more than that, LOKAL delivers social events, a place to be productive, and a sense of community.

How we Found LOKAL Coworking Space Tbilisi

We love Bansko, Bulgaria as a digital nomad hotspot. And if you read that article the reason is clear: Coworking Bansko.

Candy, the owner and operator of LOKAL coworking space Tbilisi is also an alumna of Coworking Bansko. So when we were at Bansko Nomad Fest and wondering where to roam next, many people suggested not just Tbilisi, but specifically LOKAL coworking and coliving.

A settled nomad herself, Candy visited many cowork spaces and built LOKAL based on many of the basic community principles that she had learned over the years as well as her past community building experience as the founder of TheGypsyNurse.com.

By adding a coliving option she made it the perfect place in Tbilisi not just to work for a month, but the perfect place to work and live!

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So we booked a month in the coliving (which includes a month of coworking) in the enormous 38 square meter Atlas Suite at LOKAL and headed east from Bansko to Tbilisi.

The Atlas Suite Tbilisi Coworking and Coliving

LOKAL as a Tbilisi Coworking Space

Coworkings have enormous benefits for remote workers. Sure, in some places like Zagreb it’s easy to set up at a café and work all day. But coworkings allow for heads down work without distractions. And of course the ability to take calls in a professional setting without constant noise and/or interruptions. Plus no nasty looks from cafe staff for taking up a table all day over a cup of coffee.

LOKAL is the perfect coworking space for travelers, nomads, and expats in Tbilisi.

It has everything you would expect from a good coworking:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Room to work sitting, standing, or on couches, beanbags, or even a swing

But what really sets LOKAL apart is the variety of work spaces to choose from.

There’s the indoor space with lots of tables and air-conditioning for those hot summer Tbilisi days and heat for the cold winter.

But there is also an enormous covered outside patio for working al fresco.

cowork Tbilisi
Working in the Patio Space

And even a quaint little garden where you can work in a park-like setting.

The location is not in Central Tbilisi. It’s up the hill a bit at 42 Vasil Petriashvili St. That puts it between the hip neighborhoods of Vera and Vake – where there is tons to see and do.

However, the average cost of a Bolt ride in Tbilisi is about $1.25. So getting to and from LOKAL is never an issue from anywhere in the city.

Social Events at LOKAL

The best coworkings are not just about work. They are also places for socialization. Where communities form and evolve.

At LOKAL there are ‘official’ events 3 to 4 days per week including:

  • Skillshares
  • Language Sharing
  • Masterclasses
  • Game nights
  • Trivia night
  • Film screenings
  • Group trips

These events tend to be open to the public. So you not only get to know fellow coworkers, you also get to know expats and even locals.

The best way to find out about the LOKAL social events is to like the LOKAL Tbilisi Facebook page.

Plus there are countless member-led get-togethers and events including hiking trips, wine tasting trips, sightseeing, card and board games, bar hopping, and just general revelry.

LOKAL is a great place to meet new people and do fun stuff.

Our favorite event was trivia night, which we did win one week!

‘Membership’ at LOKAL Tbilisi Coworking

Many coworkings operate on a membership basis. You pay a daily, weekly, monthly, or multi-month fee and you can come and go as you please.

On the one hand, this is a simple approach to coworking.

On the other hand, it means you are paying for the coworking whether you use it or not – including over the weekend.

So Candy has implemented a different approach to paying for LOKAL coworking.

She sells day passes for a little over $8 per day. Or a 10-pack of day passes for about $7 per day. So even if you use the coworking 5 days a week, that’s under $150/month. And you only pay for what you use. So if you work from your flat or a café for a day, that’s one more day you have to use the coworking!

By way of comparison, other coworkings like Terminal in Tbilisi charge about $10 per day. But are more ‘corporate.’ You don’t get the variety of working spaces nor the laid-back nomad vibe you get at LOKAL.

Note that coworking hours at LOKAL are 11am – 8pm M-F but after hours access is available upon request (don’t fret the late start – NOTHING starts early in Tbilisi!).

LOKAL as a Tbilisi Coliving

As wonderful as LOKAL is as a coworking, it’s even more amazing for coliving in Tbilisi.

Because Candy wants the LOKAL coliving to be a true community, she requires a 7 night minimums stay. It’s a fantastic policy, in our opinion.

A week’s time allows you to contribute to the focused, collaborative atmosphere she’s building at LOKAL. The idea being that you stay longer and engage with our community. As with any coliving situation, it defeats the purpose if people are coming and going every few days.

We chose to stay for 4 weeks because Candy offers a generous 35% discount for month-long stays. That’s just how much she wants folks to settle in for a while!

The LOKAL Tbilisi Coliving Space

The LOKAL Tbilisi coliving space is apparently a former boutique hotel. It definitely shows.

Each room is unique. From our massive suite all the way down to smaller hotel room style rooms. With different price points for each room, it accommodates all nomad budgets.

The coliving WhatsApp channel allows all the co-livers to communicate and coordinate. So there’s always something going on among the guests. We went on a weekend Georgian wine tour with our coliving group, for example.

Georgia wine tasting
Wine Tasting Tour in Kakheti Georgia

The common areas of Coliving LOKAL include a massive kitchen. It has a giant oven with stovetop. And 2 refrigerators with individual cold storage spaces.

The kitchen also has dry storage for each guest. And lots of communal items like spices, baking supplies, coffee, tea, etc. There were many mornings we’d wake up to the smells of someone baking in the industrial-sized kitchen!

tbilisi coworking
Welcome to the Coliving!

The bedrooms are nicely appointed. Big real beds (not two singles shoved together) with soft bedding. Big bathrooms featuring showers with awesome water pressure. Our room also had a mini-fridge, but I don’t know if they all do.

On the top floor there is a lounge with a massive sectional sofa and a mini-kitchen so you don’t have to go down to the kitchen to make morning coffee or tea.

All coliving guests get full 24/7 access to the coworking spaces during their stay. Making it perfect for people like me who work on east coast US hours and sometimes have to take calls late into the night.

In fact, all-night access to the coworking space is a great reason to stay at coliving LOKAL. Many nights there were several fellow colivers working on USA time until 1am or 2am LOKAL Tbilisi time!

Bottom Line – The Best Coliving and Coworking Space Tbilisi

In case you haven’t noticed, we absolutely adored our month working and living at LOKAL Tbilisi.

Sorry if this article reads like an infomercial – I swear Candy didn’t pay us a dime to write it!!!

We just really loved the communal and collaborative atmosphere that Candy is building. It’s so much more personal and fun than the more corporate coworkings in Tbilisi.

Yes, it’s a bit out of the way if you’re in central Tbilisi. But we didn’t mind walking 20 minutes down to the center and then taking a $1.25 Bolt back up. And there is plenty to see and do in the Vale and Vake neighborhoods anyway.

If you find yourself looking for a Tbilisi coworking or, even better, a Tbilisi coliving, do yourself a favor and check out LOKAL Tbilisi!

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  1. Thank you so much for the raving review and kind words. We truly enjoyed having you stay with us and hope that the friendships founded here will expand in another place in the world someday soon.

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