Two Weeks Transiting the US from Asia to Europe: Stop 2 Boulder, Colorado

After five glorious months as digital nomads in southeast Asia and Australia we spent two weeks transiting the US from Asia to Europe.

We landed in Los Angeles from a pretty awesome but also kind of weird Hong Kong Airlines business class flight from Hong Kong.

Then we spent a few days in LA hanging out with a Hollywood actor.

From there, we moved on to Boulder, Colorado!

Boulder, Colorado

After a couple days in LA it was time to head to Boulder, Colorado to spend some time with my kids.

I got married and had kids at a young age, so my kids are grown and independent.

Sadly, they lost their mom to breast cancer a few years ago when she was only 44 so we try to get together as much as possible. Breast cancer sucks. Cancer sucks. 🙁

The youngest lives in Boulder, Colorado so we decided to get together there!

Getting to Boulder, Colorado

Flights in the US are expensive! We are just so used to paying under $100 to fly on AirAsia or Vietnam Airlines!

So we used some Delta points that we earned last year flying on Korean Air across the Pacific to book Delta Comfort+ tickets from LA to Denver.

The perks of Delta Comfort+ include more legroom and a seat at the front of the plane.

You also get wine or beer included. It was the middle of the day so we weren’t drinking, but we ordered a couple of wines anyway and asked to keep the screwtop.

Boom! Free wine for later in the week! TRAVEL HACKING!!!! WOOOT!

LA Airport LAX
Free Wine!

Where to Stay in Boulder, Colorado

We needed lodging for 5 people, so we booked a home stay.

Based on price and availability we booked a house in North Boulder.

It was perfect for the 3-day stay!

Hiking in Boulder, Colorado

You can’t go to Boulder and not hike. So we hiked!

We parked at Chautauqua Park and made our way along a trail that my son loves to hike because the views and the boulder scramble.

I was a little nervous about hiking at elevation to more elevation but we took it easy and drank lots of water. And all of our swimming paid dividends as we were able to hike without issue.

It was a fun hike, if a little bit muddy.

Sure enough, the views are amazing!

And on the hike down we ran into some woodland creatures on the trail!

You know what would have been great to have on this hike, though!?

An awesome Saucey Chic Mesh Tote – you know, the one that Lisa designed and sourced when we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand! We could have carried water, snacks and all kinds of gear! Comes with blue or red straps!

You can get your own here 🙂 :

Hanging Out in Boulder, Colorado

It was really awesome reconnecting with my kids.

Just like me, they are fun-loving people.

We talked, we joked, we goofed around.

As you probably know, pot is legal in Colorado.

I’m not going to say whether we stopped by a dispensary just for fun or not.

But anyway, on a completely unrelated note, don’t ask me what these two goofballs are up to in this video. I have no idea!

We also played drinking games. Yep. Drinking games. Sigh.

A Fitting Tribute

My son and I have a long running conversation going about the relative merits of tattoos.

He is generally pro. I am generally con, despite having a Grateful Dead tattoo on my shoulder that I got when I was 17 years old.

He advanced that conversation by telling me that he got a tattoo this Spring.

I was expecting fraternity letters or some meaningless chinese characters.

Instead, it’s the same tattoo his mom had: a rendering of the sun that his mom’s artist friend had drawn when they were in college.

I was a little surprised he even remembered her tattoo – she passed when he was in 8th grade.

But he did remember it. And had researched photos of it from old beach pictures of her. And then had a local artist recreate it for his tattoo. It was a level of commitment to a cause that I could only be impressed by.

But he put it on the opposite shoulder his mom had hers on because, in his words, he “honors mom, but is his own man.”

There wasn’t much I could say because, at that moment, I got a speck of dust or something in my eye that made it tear up like crazy. 🙂

DKE CU Boulder
Honoring His Mom

Bottom Line

It was an awesome few days of fun, frivolity and emotional re-connection.

All done under the beautiful backdrop of Boulder, Colorado.

It was an amazing time.

But it was time to once again pull up our nomadic stakes.

We had a dinner reservation and bar party in Washington, DC to make, so the hobos hit the rails again!

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