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Two Weeks Transiting the US from Asia to Europe: Stop 1 – Los Angeles, California

After five glorious months as digital nomads in southeast Asia and Australia we spent two weeks transiting the US from Asia to Europe.

We loved our time in Asia and Australia. Especially Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Tazmania, Penang and Hua Hin.

Even relative disappointments like Hanoi were still amazing experiences!

But rainy season was coming to southeast Asia…and in any case there was a dance recital in Hershey, Pennsylvania that we were not going to miss for the world (literally!).

So we spent a couple weeks in the US before moving on to Europe.

Los Angeles, California

We landed in Los Angeles from a pretty awesome but also kind of weird Hong Kong Airlines business class flight from Hong Kong.

We didn’t have many goals in the LA area other than adjusting time zones and seeing a friend. We also wanted to do some shopping since it was time to swap out t-shirts (I had swapped out button-up shirts in Bangkok).

Mostly it was simply the terminus of our $585 business class fare before we started seeing family.

So we settled into the Marriott JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE on a points stay.

Lisa worked on a consulting project in downtown LA years ago. From that experience she knew there is shopping and restaurants in easy walking distance from the hotel.

Plus there is an awesome pool where we could keep up our swimming.

It’s Called Background Acting!

We also got a chance to catch up with a friend we hadn’t seen in ages.

She’s been doing extra work (technically, she taught us, it’s called background acting) on TV shows for a bunch of years.

We cooked up some burgers on a grill and she told us about being on sets and locations. Her Hollywood stories are very cool!

And we told her about our adventures so far.

Mostly it was just awesome to catch up with a good friend after so long!

Work, Work, Work

It wasn’t all Hollywood fun and games in LA, though!

But from a business perspective, the most important thing that happened during our time in LA is that our second new product for the year went live on Amazon!

We had spent the winter in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Da Nang, Vietnam working on growing our business with new products.

Our first new product, a weekender tote bag went live while we were in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Our second new product is a large mesh beach tote, perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool.

These two products represent months of hard work and investment as digital nomads.

We LOVE them both so please check them out by clicking on the ads above!

Next Up: Boulder, Colorado

We enjoyed being in LA for a couple of days. But it was time to move on to Boulder, Colorado!

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