Hong Kong Airlines A330 Business Class Seats

Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Bangkok to Hong Kong

We flew Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Bangkok to Hong Kong as part of our $585 business class fare from LA to many Asian cities.

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Unfortunately, the flight departs Bangkok at 4 am. Yep: 4 in the morning! 😮

So we had an early dinner and tried to get a couple hours of sleep with an alarm set for 1 am.

Airport Transfer

We woke up and jumped in a Grab to Bangkok Sukhumvit Airport (BKK).


We arrived at BKK around 1:45 in the morning. It was surprisingly not completely abandoned at that ungodly hour, but it was a heck of a lot quieter than we’d seen it before.

We made our way to Entrance 6 for Hong Kong Airlines.

Check In

To say check in was a breeze is an understatement.

We walked right up to the business class counter, checked in and were on our way to the lounge about 45 seconds later.


We were pleased to learn that the Hong Kong Airlines contract business lounge – the Miracle Lounge (also a Priority Pass lounge) is open 24 hours.

We arrived at the lounge just after 2 am.

More information and photos of the lounge are in this post.

Boarding the Hong Kong Airlines A330

We left the lounge when boarding was announced. Our gate was directly across from the lounge entrance.

So we walked straight out of the lounge, through the business class jet bridge and onto the plane.

Seats – Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Bangkok to Hong Kong

There are two configurations in business class on Hong Kong Airlines A330s: one with recliners (which we had seen on our HKG-BKK segment 5 months earlier) and one with layflats.

Fortunately we got the layflats on this regional middle-of-the-night segment!

It’s a bit of an odd seat: your legs go under your screen which forms an arch over your body in the fully flat position. But a flat bed is a flat bed. And a blessing at 4am!


The flight attendants let us know that they would be serving two meals on this short flight: a snack immediately after take-off and a breakfast just before landing.

We told them we would prefer to get as much sleep as possible on the 3.5 hour flight instead!

So we passed out and the flight attendants didn’t wake us up until we were about 10 minutes out of Hong Kong.

We landed and made a beeline for the Hong Kong Airlines Lounge and its nap room where we could get a few more hours of sleep before our connection Hong Kong to Los Angeles!

Hong Kong Airlines Plane
Our A330 After Landing in Hong Kong

Bottom Line – Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Bangkok to Hong Kong

If you have to take a 4am flight, it’s nice when there is a lounge open and you get lay-flat seats.

Hong Kong Airlines gave us that Bangkok to Hong Kong.

We are grateful.

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