how to find a travel keto diet kitchen

A Keto on the Go Diet Kitchen

Having a travel keto diet kitchen makes eating a keto diet while traveling much easier!

Especially for snacks and desserts.

Cooking in a Keto on the Go Kitchen

Before we started eating a keto diet Lisa and I rarely cooked at home.

She was a traveling consultant most of her life living in hotel rooms, so cooking was never a big part of her life. And I just never found the joy of cooking.

eating keto in penang
An AirBnB with a kitchen makes a travel keto diet easier!

But once we started eating keto, we found that if we wanted super-low carb and low-sugar dishes – especially dishes that resembled carby food – we would have to cook them ourselves.

And now that we live an affordable luxury full time travel lifestyle we end up in apartments rather than hotel rooms quite a bit – and many of them have a kitchen!

So although we eat out for nearly every meal on our keto travel diet, we can still whip up keto diet friendly meals and snacks when we are in the mood.

And even if we just have a cooktop I can make my favorite keto snack: provoleta.

Lisa’s Homemade Keto Meals and Keto Snacks

Two of our favorite keto diet meals and treats are keto diet fathead pizza and keto diet cheesy biscuits.

The key to making these homemade keto diet foods while traveling is finding almond flour.

Depending on where you are in the world this can be easy or it can be difficult.

When we travel in Asia Lisa sometimes has to switch to cooking these keto diet delicacies with coconut flour which works nearly as well and is available in far more places around the world.

I challenge anyone to try Lisa’s keto diet fathead pizza and keto diet biscuits!

They are WAY better than the kind made with flour, sugar and all those empty carbs.

And the next day you are skinnier instead of fatter!

Matt’s Keto Diet Melted Cheese

We fell in love with grilled cheese in Argentina. Not the keto diet unfriendly grilled cheese sandwich. Just…grilled cheese: cheese melted and grilled in a nonstick pan!

Also known in Argentina as provoleta.

But finding nonstick pans in AirBnB apartment kitchens is a hit or miss affair.

So I actually travel with this little nonstick pan! It was designed for camping so it’s compact and lightweight.

Yes, it has earned a place in the best long term carry on bag in the world!

I just dump cheese on top of a tiny bit of olive oil and let it melt and brown on the bottom over low heat. YUM.

Lisa’s Homemade Keto Dessert

Eating Keto in Penang

And not only are ovens standard in most AirBnB kitchens, so are microwaves.

So Lisa sometimes makes our favorite keto diet dessert: keto diet microwave chocolate mug cake.

She whips these suckers up and sometimes makes keto cream cheese frosting and/or melts some 90% cacao dark chocolate on them.

Can you say keto diet YUM!?

Bottom Line – Keto on the Go Kitchen

Eating a travel keto diet can be challenging.

But staying in apartments rather than hotel rooms during affordable luxury full time travel means access to travel keto diet kitchens.

And with a travel keto diet kitchen you can whip up keto diet friendly meals, snacks and desserts!

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How to find travel keto diet kitchen

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