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5 Ways to Make Money from Home – Or Anywhere!

The ability to make money from home is a dream for many.

Parents, teachers, and of course anyone who is looing for a side hustle to earn extra money.

When it comes to making money online we’ve seen or tried them all.

We’ve been making money online for nearly 10 years. And we’ve learned a lot.

So we want to share 5 ways to make money online. Spoiler alert: the last is our favorite.

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Make Money from Home – or Anywhere!

1. Write an e-Book

E-books have become a popular medium for knowledge dissemination and entertainment. They present a golden opportunity for aspiring authors to monetize their expertise or storytelling skills from the comfort of their homes.

Writing an e-book offers multiple benefits: there’s no need for a traditional publisher, no physical inventory to manage, and digital platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple’s iBooks, or independent sales platforms like Gumroad make it easier than ever to reach a worldwide audience.

However, the path from idea to a profitable e-book requires dedication, thorough research, and an understanding of your target audience. The writing itself should be polished, engaging, and offer genuine value or insight.

Beyond the writing, a strong marketing strategy is crucial. This might include building an online presence through blogging or social media, collecting email subscribers for targeted promotions, or collaborating with influencers in the book’s niche.

By combining quality writing with effective promotion, you can generate income from e-books.

That all said, most people (myself included) give away e-books. So in order to get people to buy your e-book you’ll need to offer something of value and market it effectively.

2. Create an Online Course

Creating an online course is an excellent way to monetize your expertise, provide value to a global audience, and establish authority in a specific niche. Unlike physical products, online courses, once created, can be sold an infinite number of times without incurring additional production costs.

This scalability, coupled with the low overhead associated with digital platforms, allows creators to earn passively, with some courses generating income for years after their initial launch.

However, the creation of a successful online course goes beyond simply packaging information.

You need a thorough understanding of the target audience, meticulous content curation, engaging delivery, and effective marketing strategies. Ensuring that the course content is not only informative but also actionable can set it apart in a saturated market.

But you will need to pair quality content with a robust marketing strategy. It should include SEO, social media advertising, affiliate marketing, and email campaigns. Additionally, leveraging testimonials, offering limited-time promotions, and constantly updating the course material to keep it relevant can further enhance its appeal and profitability.

A friend of ours did that. She spent 3 months working 50 hours a week creating an online business course. Eventually she went back to her full time job.

3. E-Commerce

We have a ton of experience with e-commerce, having created an Amazon FBA business in 2016.

But it took blood, sweat and tears. Mostly tears.

You can read about our experience building that business here: Starting an Amazon FBA Business

Building an e-commerce business is HARD. We took what we learned from our experience as successful Amazon sellers and wrote this article for people who are thinking about doing it: Amazon Private Label FBA: Things You Should Know Before You Start

And here’s the crazy thing about selling on Amazon: when you hit the jackpot and your product goes viral things get really nasty. We had scammers and pirates ripping off our photos and copy and then underselling us – then sending the buyers absolute junk.

It was horrifying to see our success being punished by unscrupulous sellers in China. We wrote about that experience, and how we fought it, here: How to Fight Amazon Scam Pirates.

Bottom line here is that starting an e-commerce business can make you a lot of money. But it’s not a passive business. You have to work very hard every single day to make it successful. And even when you are successful that brings a new and different set of issues that need to be addressed every single day.

And there are so many barriers to entry: upfront costs for products, shipping products to the US, learning your e-commerce platform…the list goes on and on.

But if you are willing to work hard every day, you can make a lot of money from home with e-commerce.

4. Blogging

Our blog ReadyJetRoam (thanks for reading!!) is a labor of love.

Blogging still stands out as one of the most accessible and versatile avenues for generating income online. Rooted in the simple act of sharing knowledge, stories, or opinions, successful blogs have the potential to draw significant traffic, which in turn can be monetized.

For instance bloggers recommend products or services to their readers and earn a commission on any sales generated through referral links. Alternatively, as a blog grows in reputation and readership, businesses may seek to pay for sponsored content, where they can promote their products or services directly to a blogger’s audience.

Yet, it requires a delicate balance of producing high-quality content, understanding search engine optimization (SEO) to improve visibility, and actively engaging with readers to foster a loyal community.

Consistency in posting, choosing a niche that resonates with a specific audience, and ensuring genuine and authentic content are crucial elements for success. Over time, as the blog earns more visitors and establishes its authority within its niche, other monetization opportunities, such as selling digital products, offering subscription-based content, or even hosting webinars, can further amplify your earning potential.

Anyone interested in making money from home by blogging should definitely check out this course. We took it after blogging for a couple months and wish we had taken it before we started. It provides a step-by-step guide to creating a blog that will make you money working from home. Check it out by tapping or clicking here.

The thing about blogging, though, is that it’s a long-game. It took us a year to start making money with it.

But it DID introduce us to my favorite way to make money online, which is affiliate marketing!

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has rapidly grown into one of the most lucrative and accessible ways to generate income from the comfort of home.

At its core, affiliate marketing involves partnering with companies or brands to promote their products or services.

When consumers make a purchase using the unique affiliate link provided to the marketer, a commission is earned. In fact, this blog is chock full of affiliate links. They earn us money at absolutely no cost to people who click our links and buy the products and services we recommend. It’s a win-win!

This model allows individuals to monetize their online presence. Whether through a blog, social media, or even a YouTube channel. All without the complexities of creating or stocking your own products.

With just a computer, an internet connection, and a strategy to reach potential customers, affiliate marketers can tap into a global market and earn significant passive income.

However, the key to making money from home with affiliate marketing lies in choosing the right products or services to promote, and building a genuine relationship with one’s audience.

You’ll also need to understand the nuances of search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and online advertising. But with dedication and a well-thought-out strategy, affiliate marketing from home can transform into a primary revenue stream, offering both financial freedom and flexibility.

Personally, we spend 2 to 3 hours a day on affiliate marketing for 8 different companies. You can check out our article 5 Tips and Tricks to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.

And here’s the greatest news of all: you don’t need any experience, a social media following, or even money to invest.

All you need is a little bit of knowledge and tenacity.

In terms of knowledge, we learned how to make money from home as freelance affiliate bloggers by taking a $7 business challenge.

You can find out a LOT more about our adventures in affiliate marketing and even get Lisa’s free e-book about how to make money from home with affiliate marketing by visiting her website:

Bottom Line – 5 Ways to Make Money from Home – Or Anywhere

We’ve had amazing success making money online.

So much so that we were able to quit our 9-to-5 jobs and become digital nomads traveling the world full time.

We are so blessed to be living our dream life.

Whatever your dream life is, you can live it. You just need to start.

Hopefully the recommendations we make in this article will give you the resources and knowledge you need to make that start!

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(Yes, many of these are affiliate links but we have affiliate relationships with these brands because we have used them and they work!)

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