We Are Moving to Penang, Malaysia…For a Bit…

After five weeks of fast travel, we are soooo ready for some slow travel again. So we are moving to Penang, Malaysia.

We loved slow travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Then some more slow travel in Da Nang, Vietnam.

But we were getting antsy so decided to spend some time doing fast travel in Bali and Australia.

And it has been AMAZING.

A couple days in Canggu, Bali.

A couple days in Ubud Bali.

A week in Sydney, Australia.

Then a quick flight (and scolding from ground staff) to Melbourne for a week, including a wine tasting day.

Then a few days in Hobart, Tasmania including another wine tasting day and an amazing day at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hanging with the ‘roos!

But now we are TIRED! And we really have blown the budget in Australia vs. southeast Asia!

And have been neglecting the business a bit.

So we decided to find a place to settle back into some slow travel, find a routine and focus on the business for a few weeks.

After crowd-sourcing the options on Facebook, we settled on Penang, Malaysia as our next slow travel stop.

Penang has city, beaches, fast internet and a low cost of living. PERFECT.

So we’ll be flying from Hobart to Sydney to Singapore…stop over there for a couple days for pepper crabs and chili crabs…then take AirAsia Premium Flex to Penang for a few weeks.

We are really looking forward to slowing down for a few weeks and focusing on work!

If you have any suggestions for things to do in Penang, please let us know!

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