Our Second Destination: Sorted – Chiang Mai

I won’t bury the lead: today we are flying from Koh Samui to Chiang Mai, Thailand for an indeterminate amount of time.

We booked a few days at a guest house and intend to rent a flat for a month in the Nimman area where ex-pats and digital nomads tend to cluster. Average monthly rent for a nice flat: under $400. Even if we don’t stay in Ching Mai the entire month, that will be our base camp.

When we decided to start our adventure on Koh Samui we figured one of two things would happen: either we’d get addicted to island hopping or we’d be finished with beaches (having spent the holidays in Jamaica with my family) and be ready to buckle down and get to work. We’d just follow our collective gut.

We found Borneo was in the mix too.

But after a surprisingly short conversation over morning tea, we achieved consensus on getting to work: time to focus on settling into the digital nomad lifestyle and growing the business as well as our digital nomad network.

And honestly, there is no better place in the world for this than Chiang Mai, which has become almost a cliche as the digital nomad capital of the world.

Didn’t hurt that there’s a cheap nonstop flight from Koh Samui to Chiang Mai.

So we’ve signed up for some Chiang Mai digital nomad groups on Facebook and already have plans to attend some meet-ups as early as Friday.

We’re excited to be settling into this lifestyle, focusing on work for a while and hopefully getting to know some fellow wanderlusters!


  1. Sitting still is definitely not in Lisa’s DNA. Neither of you sit still long… even in the USA so, no surprise that you are already moving on. It will be interesting to see what venue(s) merit longer stays. What portion will be “venue” and what will be “ants in pants”. … lol

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